Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dustbowl Recap

Welp, I just finished up my last show of the summer, Dustbowl Arts Market in Norman!  
 The mister and I got up super duper early yesterday, dropped off the beast with my folks and were on the road for a day surrounded by creatives and college kids!  (I can say kids since I'm an old lady now and since I teach at a college ;)
 With all of the new bags I've been making, I needed a better way to display them so I dreamt up this hanging wall made of chain and some bamboo sticks I've had since college.  I never did a test run so there was a lot of finger crossing but to my delight, it worked out great!  And I could even hang my earring rack which has always seemed to get lost before!  Now to figure out how to replicate this display at an indoor show.  Hmmm...
 As a cold natured person, I rarely complain about the heat but I must say, this show rivaled WoodyFest in the heat department!  I think the main differences were that WoodyFest vending is mainly at night while Dustbowl is smackdab in the middle of the day and WoodyFest is in a field while Dustbowl is in a concrete jungle.  It was a toasty Saturday filled with LOTS of sunscreen for this pale gal and LOADS of water!
 I love doing shows in other cities because I get to meet and reconnect with so many other artists!  I was thrilled to finally meet Brandy of Bella Vita Jewelry, to see my dear friend Nikki of Gleeful Peacock, grab some more garb from Bombs Away, and to see the always-inspiring Sam Lamb.

And being in Norman and so close to Oklahoma City, I usually get to see old friends from college which is SUCH a treat! 
We decided to head back to Tulsa after the show which made for an extra long day but also made for one of the best nights of sleep I've had in a long time!  :)

I'll be back in the show circuit on September 30th & October 1st for Indie Emporium!


  1. Your booth looks great! I am so sorry I never got to come back down to look around. I'll see ya at Indie though!

  2. So fun!! Your booth does look great. Wish I could have gone.


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