Friday, August 19, 2011

One of Those Outfits: Pocketgate

Tulsa seems to have some pretty great estate sales pretty often.  I do my best to hit as many as I can and sometimes, I'm just blown out of the water.  After work the other day, the mister, who isn't as into estate sales as I am, and I stopped by one and walked into a gold mine.  We went our separate ways and found each other later with arms loaded down with goods for some really stellar prices.  I plan on returning tomorrow for the last, discounted day.

The mister found a smoking pipe (his new obsession, in addition to brewing beer) and some pearl snaps that fit him perfectly!  I picked up some kickin' vintage fabrics and a few handmade articles of clothing, including this skirt which also fits me perfectly!  We figure the couple that lived there were just our size :)
What I love about it is what the mister isn't so sure of - the exterior pockets.  If a dress or skirt has pockets, I automatically love it tenfold and when they are offbeat pockets, well, consider me smitten!  One of the other handmade skirts also has some interesting pockets :)
With school starting back up in a little over a week, meetings and trainings are filling up the calendar.  I wore this number to a training last night and to my office job during the day.  With school in the near future, more outfits should start popping up on here again :)
I wore some vintage earrings I picked up at the flea market a few years back and my first pair of prescription sunglasses!  You have no idea how happy I am to have shaded, sighted eyes.  They were practically free!  I know this will sound like a sales pitch but it's SO not (seriously, I sent my mom an email about it and she thought it was spam!  ha!).  If you 'like' Coastal Contacts on Facebook, they periodically give out a free glasses code that you use at checkout.  You pay for shipping and if you want a tint, you pay for that otherwise, the prescription and frames are free!  The only reason I'd never bought prescription sunglasses before is because they are too expensive!   
 My shirt is a Banana Republic clearance rack find from last year and my sandals (which I LOVE) came from Payless last year as well.
 The beast is wearing nothing but his fur coat and is sitting in his favorite position - hind legs and butt on one step and front legs on a step lower.  He'll sit like that for hours :)

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