Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vacationing with Sears

Last year a good friend of mine surprised me with a grand gift - a 1962 Sears Catalogue.  This gem is almost 2,000 pages long and is one of the most enjoyable magazines I've ever perused.  I'm slowly scanning in the majority of the pages before I take scissors to it so I can share this step back in time with you.
For the past few weeks, my mind has been far from present times.  With the touring of the most amazing house, the incessant watching of Mad Men (I'd never seen it before!) and missing my Granny something terrible, I feel like I've been living in a different world.  Going through this catalogue has been the icing on the 1960s cake for me.  

I've been yearning for a vacation lately but time and money don't allow for that right now so for the time being, I've been traveling through these pages, dreaming of a time when catalogues provided vacations around the world and a hatbox was a necessity.  
I love different things from different decades:  The architecture of the 30s, ranch homes of the 50s, interiors of the 60s...What periods in time do you daydream about?

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