Sunday, September 25, 2011

Birthday Snippets

Another year, another birthday :)

It was a great, leisurely day that I'd love to repeat again and again.  Since I can't, I'll just relive it all here with you through a few photos :)
 Friday was spent working part of the day, perusing some fruitful estate sales and hanging out at the bead shop!  Friday night was spent on the deck of the new Blue Rose Cafe watching the sun go down across the river. Perfection.
 Saturday brought about more allergies than I've yet experienced this year but I carried on with my raspy voice and worked most of the day outside while the mister made new flowerbeds :)  
 Did a little staining but not until after mixing up the two stains that we have!  Oops.
 I was impressed that the 'new' fuzzy brought SIX of her mice to the bowl.  The current record was three :)
 Made significant headway on a large wedding order for a friend!
 We finished out the night bowling with more friends!  
 By this point, my slightly raspy voice had turned into an old man's voice with a cough but bowl on we did!
 And of course I had to dress in my finest bowling attire :)
Today I'm fighting full on terrible allergies.  Never fails, with my birthday landing right when the seasons change, I always get sinus sick.  Except for my fourteenth birthday when my sister gave me chicken pox...

So thanks to you all for the well-wishes and greetings!  I greatly appreciate it.  And you :)

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