Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chicago Bound

Two weeks ago if you had asked me what I was doing this weekend I would have said that I was going to go antiquing with my pops or camping with my mister.  Ask me that question a few days ago and I would have told you that I'M GOING TO RENEGADE IN CHICAGO!!!  
A good friend of mine, Nikki, runs the most amazing handmade business that I have had the opportunity to watch grow immensely over the past few years.  While her business has grown, so has our friendship so I was elated to be asked to come along with her this weekend to help out Gleeful Peacock at Renegade!!

I'm absolutely ecstatic to attend a Renegade show especially in a city that I LOVE!  It's only a few weeks before my birthday so I plan on doing a little birthday shopping for myself and perhaps a little holiday shopping as well!  Road trip here we come!

Here's a taste of what she makes:
If you happen to go and happen to see us, come by and say Hi!  We can't wait to meet you, see Chicago and experience Renegade!


  1. Awesome! Have a fun and safe trip! I know you guys are going to blow this thing out of the park!

  2. Oh gosh, I hope you have SO much fun and find so many neat things!!! I wish there was a Renegade close to MA! :D


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