Thursday, September 1, 2011

One of Those Outfits: Multifunctional Refashion

First week of classes is done and boy was it a good one!  Have I mentioned that one of my favorite things about teaching ESL is eating the unbelievable food from all over the world?  Today, for example, I ate my TV dinner lunch but promptly indulged in a second lunch of homemade tostadas and lemon cupcakes brought by a few students.  Sure I didn't need the second lunch but good god, it was SO worth it.
 Today I rocked a skirt made from this dress that I picked up on the LA venture and fell in love with!  I hated to cut this one up BUT the elastic in the sleeves were all sorts of messed up and the neckline did NO favors for me so it became a skirt...and a dress.
 You see, I cut and sized it to wear as a strapless summer dress but realized that it could also work as a skirt for school!  I can't wait to show you how it looks as a dress :)  I still have the sleeves and the upper portion of it and am trying to figure out what to do...I sure don't want to let any of this material go to waste!
 I had to pull the top of the skirt up over my belt so it wouldn't fall off during class but if I were wearing it as a low skirt on my hips, no belt would be required.  I like the way it turned out for today, personally :)
 I also wore a sweater-vest type number for the classroom, a target belt and some Payless sandals that I am enamored with!  I started the day with a necklace on but ended up thinking it was too much with the high belt line so in my purse it went.
Part of me is contemplating trying to keep up these outfit posts for each of the days I teach...what do you think?  Should I bite the bullet and just commit?

And don't forget to enter to win one of my apron bags!!  The giveaway ends Monday!


  1. I would *love* to see more of your adorable outfits, but I won't hold you to it because I know that's a lot of work. I've thought about doing an outfit post or two myself now that I can actually wear nice clothes to work. I actually dress pretty nerdy most of the time, but I feel like it's fitting with the environment. ;-)

    And let me just add that this reworked skirt is SUPER flattering to your figure. You look hot!

  2. love that as a high-waisted skirt! the pattern is pretty awesome. you're so talented!


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