Friday, September 23, 2011

One of Those Outfits: The Rest of the Week!

Don't worry, I didn't throw the teaching outfit documentation out the window I've just been running in circles!  So here you go, the rest of week four :)
 On Tuesday I wore a tunic I picked up at JC Pennys while I was supposed to be shopping for something fancy but I couldn't pass this one up!  I think I picked it up off clearance for $10?
 It's easy to throw on and run out the door!  I added a thrifted silver necklace, Target leggings and some boots and was off!
 Wednesday found me in this frock, bought during the great LA hunt.
 SO comfy, modest and another easy one to throw on and go!
 Have you noticed a theme yet?  My obsessions with cheap, unique clothes that are comfortable?  Yeah, me either ;)
 Yesterday I took it back to the seventies!  I wore a church garage sale $1 polyester shirt that I LOVE, some pants from Harold's going out of business sale for $5 (that's a STEAL compared to what their prices once were), my beloved Jordache velvety jacket and a necklace I finished the night before!
 I sometimes find that when I make a necklace I really like, I build an outfit around it to wear the next day :)
 This necklace has 'Sagittarius' carved on the back and is slightly awesome, in case you were wondering.  And if you'd like to see it better, it'll be at Indie Emporium next weekend!
 As for this weekend, well, I'm preparing to turn another 30-something year and plan on celebrating with friends and no work!  
Have a great one!


  1. I'm jealous! The browns look SO good on you! And of course I covet your $1 secretary shirt. ;)

  2. I'll hire you as my wardrobe consultant...


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