Friday, September 16, 2011

One of Those Outfits: Tablecloth Skirt #2

I think some people think I'm crazy for working as much as I do and then coming home and making things but honestly, creating is where I relax.  After a full day of constantly having my brain going, it's just plain calming for me to make things.  For example, in the middle of this crazy, crazy week, I made a skirt out of a tablecloth.  And actually, this is my second tango with a tablecloth skirt!
It's nothing groundbreaking but I LOVE it.  You see, I bought this beautiful, yellow tablecloth for a display a few months back at an estate sale and dropped about $10 on it which is many more dollars than I like to spend at sales.  You can imagine my disappointment to get home and find several large stains on it that wouldn't budge.  I tucked it back in my fabric pile and would glance at it from time to time over the summer months thinking of all the things I wish I could make out of and then *POOF* I got crazy inspired the other night and started chopping!
This was the simplest thing to make!  I simply lined it with some muted army green cotton fabric I bought out of a discount bin (one of the VERY few pieces of new fabric I own), wrapped it around until it fit somewhat snug around my hips, pinned where I'd like buttons and sewed it all up!
I had originally intended to hem the under-skirt up to where you wouldn't see it but I kind of liked the green peeking out with the yellow thread so I let it hang out about 1/4 of an inch :)
It was SUPER comfortable to wear and I loved the way it moved.  I especially loved how it would fold when I crossed my legs.  And it can be twisted around to where the buttons and asymmetrical hem are on the side or front depending on your mood for the day.
I can't wait to dress this one up for spring time events :)  Meanwhile with our fall-like weather we're having, I wore a long-sleeved T, Target boots and a pashmina that I think my mom gifted me?  My legs were a little chilly but I survived :)
In other news, DID YOU SEE OUR FAMOUS KITTY???  :)

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  1. Oh, Briana, I love it! I like the button detail on the lace, and I love the gray and yellow together!


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