Thursday, September 29, 2011

One of Those Outfits: Week Five

We're going to work our way backwards through Week 5 simply because I was so sick at the beginning of this week I didn't put much effort into anything except making it to class, staying awake long enough to teach and then crawling back into bed.

Today I wore this.
 Oh, details?  Well, the skirt I stole from my sister's closet years ago so I'm not sure where it came from.  (BTW, my sister's first video launched yesterday and you should give it a listen!  You won't be disappointed.)  I also wore some Moroccan style sandals I think I scored from Payless many years ago as well.  The see-through t-shirt came from a clearance rack from Gap or Banana Republic and was made not-so-sheer with a little tank underneath.  The necklace was made by me last night and will be up for grabs at the show this weekend!
 Yesterday my outfit was confused.  Much like the weather.  Half of it was hot and half of it was chilly.  I wore a skirt from the Harold's closeout sale last year, a yellow turtleneck (yes, I break rules and wear turtlenecks from time to time ;) with a white tank underneath, a Banana Republic clearance rack racer-back zip-up sweater that I LOVE and those same ol black sandals.  
 Oh and this necklace that I'm going to have a hard time parting with!  I made this earlier this week and did the entire thing with seed beads.  If you know anything about those things, you probably know how tiny and frustrating they are to work with!  Once I finished, I didn't like it.  I stared at it a while and decided to come back to it the next night.  Twenty-four hours later, I ripped it apart and made it again with chain and am enamored with it!  It will also be ripe for the pickin' this weekend!
 We usually take these photos right when we get home from work which is why the beast is typically in many of these shots - he's always so excited we're home!  I'd say this is how I spend 50% of my time at home...picking at the animals and making sure they're in tip-top shape!
 Now on to the deathbed days.  Yes we took pictures.  Super quick and to the point.  
 Tuesday I wore a classic black Gap dress, cami and comfy sweater throw from Forever 21?  Or one of those stores like that :)  I also wore a Verde Squared necklace which are all now spoken for.  I finished it off with my beloved snake skin boots bought at a southwestern thrift store in Santa Fe nearly 12 years ago.  In regards to the squares on my legs?  They're not tights!  I'm thinking the camera caught my cold and sneezed while it took this photo ;)
 Monday, the sickest day of them all, I wore a handmade tunic that was a gift from Nepal, some capris from Gap I've had for way too long and the trusty brown flats.  Aside from the shoes, I'm sure I've worn this outfit close to 100 times over the past ten years.  It's a no-fail, comfy and easy...perfect for a sick day :)
Doing these posts in bunches is proving to be much easier than daily posts for me!  Hope you don't mind :)  

(And don't forget to APPLY TO ALLIDAY TODAY!  Applications are due MONDAY!!)

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