Sunday, September 18, 2011

Panther Furniture Overhaul

So I'm pretty close to saying that this past Labor Day weekend was one of my all-time favorites for many reasons.  First and foremost, our craptown neighbors got evicted FINALLY which we had been waiting FOUR years for!  Not having them next door has enhanced our quality of life tenfold :)  Secondly, the weather was the first break we'd had from our brutal summer so spending extended amounts of time outside was glorious :)  Lastly, I finally had time to work on some projects I'd been ignoring for way too long!  

Remember my trip to OKC to pick up seven chairs including the revamped bar stools?  Well, these two guys below were in that haul and were also free.  We've got a taller dining room table that seats four so when we dine with more than four, some people have to stand or eat outside.  I was stoked to discover these chairs were the perfect height to add to our table when we had extra guests!  But they were boring and free so I decided to jazz them up a bit :)
 While I was dreaming up how I wanted to paint the chairs, I started to think about our kitty buffet aka my Great Granny's old night stand which also lives in the kitchen.  This little dresser stood in her spare bedroom for years before my sister inherited it and used for all sorts of things.  I somehow ended up with it and in this house it became the animal stand.  The cats' food and water fountain sit atop it while the drawers are filled with random pet goodies and old towels to clean the beast off from wet days outside.  It had seen MUCH better days and I had become bored with it so it also made its way outside to be revamped!
 I streamed some Henry Mancini Pandora radio, gladly listened to the neighbors pack up and worked for three days until everything was complete!  The WORST part for me was sanding everything down.  I'm one of those people that can't even touch a nail file without wanting to hurl.  Seriously, sanding was a test of willpower for me...and I did it...although I'd REALLY rather not ever have to do it again!
 Our kitchen has pale yellow walls, avocado green cabinets, black furniture and stainless steel (for the most part) appliances.  Green, black and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations :)  We had some of the wall paint left over so I decided to paint everything black with just a minor hint of the yellow!  

Enter a series of process pictures for you :)
 Two things I MUST mention now.  

1) I got SO many painting tips from the unbelievably talented Megan, an old friend of mine.  You HAVE TO check out her before and afters of some of her projects!  Or maybe you already have!  Her work is floating all over the internet as inspiration for so many right now.  The two most impressive?  Here and here.  Oh, and did I mention that Megan helps me with my space planning for Alliday?  It's true, she does!

2)  I called this panther furniture because the mister kept commenting on how these were his high school colors - the Okemah Panthers :)  Made me chuckle.
 Those chairs had a bit of an early eighties feel to them, especially in the back rungs.  I thought that by highlighting one of the more modern rungs (spindles?) the eighties-style ones would be less noticeable so I continued my yellow seat line up the middle rung!  

With the kitty buffet, I did one yellow line across the top, as you can see :)  I also changed out the hardware which made SO much of a difference!  The kitty bowls and fountain are silver and black which makes that area look so much more polished!
 And I also painted a little corner table black that has already been about ten different colors over the years between my sister and me!
 Even though I just added a simple stripe, it took forever!  But, the whole process and outcome was worth it in my book :)
 One of these days I'll show all of these pieces in their new homes!  
Isn't it fitting that the cats now eat on panther colors?  ;)


  1. Apparently we were BOTH in the mood for stripes lately! It looks so great and crisp!

  2. That glossy black looks stunning paired with the yellow stripes! I wish I had room for more furniture in my house, because this makes me want to take on some fun projects.

  3. Yay for a crafty weekend! The weather was perfect for a task like this and everything turned out great :)

  4. Oh and also happy to hear the lame neighbors are out - it can really take a toll on your life!! Now you can live again! haha. Hope you get some awesome neighbors this go-around!

  5.! The highlight is the best part!! Also, the pup lounging around in the background! :]

  6. In love with the panther furniture! Totally you paint style. Great job making beautiful crisp stripes!! I have no doubt it looks awesome with your kitchen cabinets that I love dearly!!! Now what will you stripe next?? Stripes are totally addicting!!!

    PS thanks for the shout out!

  7. Nice! I haven't attempted to paint old furniture in a long while, but you make it look fun and easy. I did score some awesome chairs at local thrift shop, so maybe I'll tackle them soon. Thanks!


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