Friday, October 28, 2011

Four of Those Outfits: Estate Sales & Made by Moi

I just recently realized that my titles to these posts lead you to believe that there's only one outfit per post but during the semester, there's actually FOUR per post, hence the title change :)  Fascinating, I know.
 The seasons are really starting to change here (today especially!) so I've been playing around in the sweater section of my closet lately.  Speaking of closets, any interest in seeing a bit of mine?
 This crazily comfortable sweater?  Well, I made it last year!  No pattern, just a lot of lip biting, finger crossing and teeth grinding but somehow, it worked!  If it's large and shapeless, I can make it ;)

Finished it off with my mom's old owl necklace, Harold's clearance pants (which desperately need a good ironing but will never receive one), and Target booties.
 Things got a little brighter on Tuesday with this number.
 I picked this dress up at Goodwill last year, chopped off the neck and sleeves and made a strapless dress, also famously worn here.  I put a little tank on under for a little modesty in the classroom, threw on a sweater I've had since high school and accessorized with an estate sale necklace, estate sale belt (which has a little blue line running through the middle) and a scarf I made from the scraps of this project.
 Wednesday brought about another refashion!  A simple one at that.
 This dress was about 4 sizes too large on me with sleeves down to my knees.  I chose not to take it in but just to shorten the sleeves which I'm noticing is becoming my refashioning schtick!  I grabbed this one at an estate sale for $3.  I almost turned around and left this sale upon walking in the door but am glad that I stayed!
 Hooker boots, Gap tights (or as one of my students likes to call them, 'sexy socks'), Target belt, coconut shell earrings I bought in Switzerland a few years back and a Wild Blue jacket/shirt handed down to me from my sis finished off the ensemble.
 I often get great enjoyment out of having the mister or my folks guess how much I paid for an entire outfit.  It's the proud bargain hunter in me, I guess!  So guess how much this outfit was?  Oh, minus the undergarments, that is.
 $1.50!  $1.50!  $1.50!

I grabbed the fairly new Gap dress at a garage sale in my hood last weekend for a $1, the belt at another estate sale for $.50, necklace handed down from my mom and was given the most incredible boots ever!  I later finished off the outfit with a KILLER hat I picked up at an estate sale yesterday.  Yes, I have a problem...or two.
Only a few more weeks left in the semester which means only a few more outfits to go!  Hopefully I can piece together some good ones for you! 

Until later!


  1. I want to go thrifting so bad right now! i'm totally the same way, GUESS HOW MUCH THIS COSTS!

  2. You made that sweater?! It's perfect on you! And the blue and yellow are lovely too. I am a fan of the dress you made famous.


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