Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Double Dress Form

If you've seen me vending at a show within the past year, then you've seen my shapely lady friend.  If not, allow me to introduce her and to share a bit of history with you!
I bought her (she really needs a name!) last year while perusing the 100-mile-yard-sale known as Kanokla with my pops.  We had stopped at a random garage sale at a house in the middle of nowhere when I walked in and saw her waiting for me.  I gave her a quick once over, found out the price was a mere $10 and expressed my desire to take her home!  (sounds like the beginning of a really trashy and horrible romance novel, eh?)

Through some research and luck, I have learned SO much about this form this past year and am thrilled to have her in my possession.  She'll probably have to be pried from my dying hands ;)
Remember the 1962 Sears Catalogue I've been slowly going through?  Well, one night I found her in there.  HER!  My reaction was one of complete elation, as you can imagine.  I'm sure the mister's ears still suffer from that discovery.
Through some internet searches, I've found a few of these online.  Some sellers say that they are from the forties which is not true, they are pure early sixties!  I was even further floored when I started to see asking prices for these...let's just say that $75 is on the low end of asking prices.  When I compare that to my $10 score, I glow with pride :)
So how does it work?  You simply unsnap the form in the front and back, slip it on like a jacket, button it back up and form it to fit YOUR body!  There are many tension rods that hold the form in place once you've fit it to your body.  Most of these forms are missing their rods but I was lucky enough to find one with all the pieces accounted for.  That's not to say that they have all stayed in her though!  Since I use her at shows, the rods tend to fall out so I've taken most of them out in an effort not to lose them!
And no, I've yet to try her on myself although whoever did before had the same size waist as I do!
Not only does she travel to shows with me but she helps me with some of my projects and will sometimes model potential outfits for me!  Right now she's a hat holder :)
She's a constant conversation starter and MANY shoppers have inquired about buying her from me...some even offering substantial amounts of money on the spot to take her off of my hands!  I politely decline and fill up with the pride that comes with finding a unique antique :)

Ever come across one before?  Have any good ideas for a creative name?


  1. What an awesome score! This 100-mile garage sale sounds like a beautiful thing indeed.

  2. Briana this is such an excellent find! Functional and pretty to look at. And $10?! Wowza!

  3. That is such an awesome find! Every time I find a dress form for sale, they are anywhere from $100-$200. You are so lucky!


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