Friday, October 21, 2011

One of Those Outfits: Denmark, Uganda & New Eyes

Still busy and still blind.  Ok, not really blind but obviously I need a little help in the eye department so I don't run into things and so I can see if my students are awake or asleep.  I have a go-to pair of spectacles that I'm most often seen in but I have a few other pairs that I pulled out this week to snazz my eyes up a bit.
Monday found me in a Target clearance rack flowy top, old but classic Banana Republic skirt, Target booties, Cynthia Rowley eyeglasses via Coastal Contacts and my newest (Danish) coin necklace!
  Things got a little chillier on Tuesday so I started digging around in my sweaters and put this together!  It was after this shoot that I started wondering when my hair got officially long again!?
 Sweater from Anthropologie last winter, pants from Banana Republic clearance rack many, many moons ago...
 ...and a cherished necklace gifted to me from Uganda.  Oh, and my ol' regular specs from Yous, a Danish maker of eyeglasses :)
 Wednesday's outfit seemed to garner a bit of positive attention, much to my surprise!  I had a random woman comment on how she wishes she could put together creative outfits which got me to thinking (a dangerous thing!).
 The night before I had begun organizing my massive scarf collection (you know, since it suddenly turned cold the day before ;) and came across this one that I hadn't worn in a while so I started playing with possible things I could wear with it and came up with this!  Easy peasy!  I use this process OFTEN.
 I wore an old shirt from Urban Outfitters, skirt from Gap a few years ago, estate sale scarf, Anthro sweater, Gap tights, Target booties and turquoise earrings bought in Santa Fe in college.
 Yesterday's outfit was simple and easy.  The shirt was once a looooooooooooong dress with looooooooooooong sleeves that I scored for FREE at an estate sale!  I made a skirt and tank out of the bottom and for the top, shortened the sleeves and hemmed the bottom.  It was one of my first and easiest refashions.  I finished it off with some old Express slacks from my college days, blue vintage cowboy boots and a handmade necklace benefitting a town in Uganda and made by one of the most amazing 12 year olds I've ever met.  And my green glasses that I wore for MANY years.  
 This was a very blue and green week.  I suppose it's my way of fighting the incoming fall weather; wearing the colors of life while leaves fall to the ground.


  1. Cute outfits! I especially love the floral top with the scarf. Mismatched prints are the best. And I love that you put a whole bunch of outfits in one post and just one picture of each outfit. I may have to copy you one of these days. :) xoxo

    p.s. Thanks for being such a regular commenter on my blog. It really means a lot.

  2. Well I just realized that you actually do post more than one photo of each outfit, but you know what I mean. haha.

  3. I LOVE the Anthro shirt in the second day's pictures! Anything from there just has such a great look to it. I just wish the prices were as great! I typically stick to the sales and the housing stuff, but I love nearly everything there. You are so creative with your mixing and matching and creating clothes. I can barely sew a button or a hole in something! And I love all the glasses!

  4. Fabulous outfits! You look amazing in the last photo. I thought you're a Hollywood star in that dress. Anyways, thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see more of your cute and fabulous photos.


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