Monday, November 7, 2011

Earthquakes in the Woods

Yup, there was another earthquake last night and if you were anywhere near the state of Oklahoma, you felt it just like I did except I was in the middle of nowhere.  But I'll get to that :)

As I've said a million times over, I'm a pretty busy gal, especially as of late.  This weekend I got wind that my folks were taking my Papa to the cabin with them for some socializing, fishing and relaxing.  After taking a gander at the calender, I noticed that this would be my one opportunity before Alliday to get out there so the beast and I packed up and headed out to the woods.

(this is a lengthy post so don't say I didn't warn you! ;)
Upon arrival, the beast and I set out for a walk and swim (er, he swam, I did not).  Many people speculated that since Oklahoma had such an intensely hot summer, we would have a colorless fall.  They were incredibly wrong.  The changing leaves were stunning and I'm SO thankful that I got to soak them up this weekend.  I needed their colors.
Looking back over the weekend, I spent a lot of time sitting in the grass.  I should sit in the grass more often.
It was a tad chilly so fires and snuggling were aplenty.
I did take advantage of the peace, quiet and crisp fall air to work on some Alliday space planning for a few hours.  I know, I know.  I run away to relax and I end up working.  It's a curse.  But I feel GREAT having that dealt with!  
For the past nine months or so, my Papa has been dealing with some major hip issues.  To the point where his hip was completely removed for 3 months leaving him bedridden.  My Papa is in great health, is a pistol and loves to stay active so it was a tough period of time for him and all of us.  One reason he was at the cabin this weekend was to celebrate having that medical mess behind him and being back on his feet!  Literally!  He had a fabulous time, as did we with him :)
While working outside, I would pop in every thirty minutes or so to warm up my buns here...  
...and would examine beautiful knife handles.  My folks have so many odd, wonderful treasures tucked away here, it's fun to discover them all.
Evening brought about a stunning sunset and another gigantic fire.  
My parents hosted a tasty gathering with some of their cabin friends which I put the camera away for.  I spent the evening smoking a fancy cigar, enjoying fancy beers and swapping stories with the menfolk in front of the roaring flames.  
And then the world shook.  Well, almost.

Around 11 at night, I took the mutts for one last walk for about ten or fifteen minutes.  There were acting their normal ding-dong selves aside from wrapping each other up with their leashes nonstop.  We returned to the cabin and were watching a segment on the news about the earthquake from Friday night (which we slept through) when everything changed.  

Now you must know that Oklahoma does lie on a fault line and we do have earthquakes but we rarely ever feel them.  This weekend, we felt them.  We are conditioned for tornadoes, not earthquakes.

I was standing in front of the fire (my normal spot) and my dad was dozing on the couch when my mom and Papa felt everything shaking.  Initially, I couldn't feel anything but started to hear things rattling.  And then I felt it.  My mom and Papa freaked out a bit but the beast is what truly scared me.  His eyes were HUGE and his physical stance completely changed.  It was as though his legs had moved out further to cover more ground and to feel more sturdy.  My dad popped up (probably because my mom and grandpa were making so much noise ;) and ran to answer our ringing phone which found the mister on the other end.  I immediately began saying in a very calm voice "It's ok, we're ok." over and over again and proceeded to stand in a doorway.  I just wanted everyone to calm down!  It felt like it lasted for almost a minute and that was that.  The mister had stayed in Tulsa and called us in the middle of the shaking telling us that a few things had fallen and to see if we could feel it ourselves!  

This shaker was a 5.6 quake with its epicenter being right by the mister's hometown.  My sister who lives in earthquake country said that that was a pretty good sized one.  I'd say so.  It was scary, yes, but there was something about it that shook me in a good way.  Maybe it was all of the sitting in the grass that I did this weekend but I felt very connected to our planet.  Or maybe it was sharing it with my family.  Or experiencing it in the woods.  Whatever it was, it was a humbling (rumbling) experience.

And no, this wasn't my first earthquake.  My first was felt while on the third floor of a salsa club when I lived in  Mexico.  But that's another story :)
Nobody slept very well that evening but at least I got to sleep in a special little loft with my main fuzzy man!
A loft that my mom has set up a potholder sewing shop in.
It was so good to spend some quality time with my beloved Papa.  I never really talked about it on here but the past (near) year has been incredibly difficult watching him fight to get healed.  I spent much time at the hospital or nursing home just hanging out and watching him razz all of the workers :)  I'm so, so, SO glad that he's not stuck in a bed anymore and is able to join us for rejuvenating weekends such as this one.
See those wood carvings?  My Papa did those as a young man.  All of that other random stuff? Told you my folks had strange treasures hidden around :)
I needed to be shaken up.  I needed to run away.  I needed that family time.  

Was your world shaken this weekend?  By the earth or by other?  


  1. That sounds like such a nice weekend! I've been wanting a camping/outdoor weekend for WAY too long. I was asleep at home for the first one, and after I felt the second, wasn't surprised at all that I didn't wake up. It was noticeable for sure, but not crap my pants scary. Although, a year ago we had a much smaller quake that I experienced at work. I'm at the top of the 20 tower at citiplex, and it sure got the building moving. I was all by myself, my monitors were rattling a pencil holder fell over, granted my first thought was something MUCH worse like a bomb or small plane from Jones airport. I much prefer to be with family and my pooch rather than all by myself wondering what the heck happened and if I should run down twenty flights of stairs or not...

    We really should meet up sometime! You know, both living in Tulsa and all! Coffee? Thrifting? If you're not too busy!

  2. The cabin is GORGEOUS! The photos exude how warm and cozy it must feel in there! Oooh!

    I'm glad you made it through the earthquake surrounded by all the right people A-ok! This crazy weather lately sure makes for great stories, huh? :)

  3. I love all your photos! It looks like a perfect place to relax!
    I cannot believe the earthquakes we've been having! I thought Riley was shaking our couch on purpose but that was not the case. So crazy


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