Friday, November 11, 2011

Four of Those Outfits: Spinning Black

I've gone through periods in my life where pretty much all I have worn is black.  In my teen years I even had a man whose daughters I used to babysit tell me that the amount of black I was wearing was too dark for his girls.  Ridiculous.  It's a color and a universal classic and I'll always love it.   This week was a black one in terms of dress, that is.
 I picked this dress up at a recent estate sale for $4 and absolutely love it.  The mister told me it looked like something his grandma would have worn to church which made me laugh and like it even more :)  The buttons are the old school pearl ones which means they don't stay buttoned very well!  The use of safety pins helped quite a bit this day.  There was a smallish hole in the armpit but nothing two minutes and some thread couldn't fix!  

The jacket came from Salvation Army, necklace (which I'm currently obsessed with) was a Flea Market find and a gold belt from a lot of jewelry I acquired.
 Tuesday's outfit was well liked by the mister but he wasn't so sure about the boots...
 ...but I am enamored with them!  SO comfortable and fun!  They came from a summer estate sale, the skirt from Urban Outfitters 7ish years ago, shirt from Gap, scarf from the great beyond and self-made earrings.
 This spinning picture makes me laugh pretty hard.  It makes me think of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders which I could not be less like!  
 Wednesday's outfit was a bit witchy with three different shades of black.  
 What I love about this dress, a college hand-me-down, is that the bottom portion zips off leaving you with a perfect summer dress!  I can't express how much I LOVE convertible clothing and wish I had more!  This dress has literally been around the world and back with me :)  The cropped shirt came from a resale shop in Oklahoma City while I was collecting chairs.  I was stoked to see a $5 price tag on it so I had to have it.  This witch's wardrobe was finished off with my Gleeful Peacock feather necklace.
 And yesterday I wore jeans!  Since our semester ends next week (!) we always have an end of the semester party the week before.  This includes copious amounts of homemade international food followed by students vs teachers volleyball and sometimes dancing!  I dressed to move comfortably but to still look put together.  Tennis shoes were thrown into a bag for volleyball but I never actually hit the court this semester!  
 I wore some baggy Gap boyfriend jeans (which gathered a few jokes in writing class :), old yellow tee, clearance Banana Republic sweater, the same ol' scarf seen above, belt from my college days, hooker boots and a necklace made and given to me by m'lady April.
Like I mentioned before, only one week left of classes which means only one week left of daily outfits!  I'm sure I'll share more outfits in the future but I'm not so certain I'll document everyday!  I think the mister deserves a photographer's break for a bit ;)


  1. Love the skirt with the boots. Seriously covet the boots. :) Great outfits!

  2. I'm a big fan of black too, and you wear it well. And so does the beast. ;-)

  3. Tres chic! I like black but for some reason I seem to have a large amount of navy in my closet ;) so, almost black! And I love a good granny dress :)

  4. I can't believe someone would complain about wearing black! I love wearing black! Cute outfits!

  5. Thats hilarious you once had some guy tell it it was "too dark" ha ha.... The skirt you're spinning around in looks great!

  6. Black is my favorite color - or lack of color as it were. I could not live without it. You can mix it up, brighten it, go unnoticed, etc. I've moved a bit toward more charcoal, brown, and am even gearing up my wardrobe for some purple. Shocking! But I still love black above all else. It takes up over 1/3 of my wardrobe.


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