Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Gift for Baby E

Yesterday I mentioned the wonderful make:Tulsa group and the people it has allowed me to grow valuable friendships with.  One of those special people, Somer of SomerKnits, is expecting her first little one very, very soon so a handmade shower was had!  With my crazy schedule, I was unable to make the festivities but I did find some time to make her a widdle gift for her widdle bundle known only now as Baby E.  (How baby-friendly does that barb-wire look in the background?!  Ha!)
I'll be the first to admit that I don't know much about kids or babies except that I used to be one.  Since the gender of her bundle is unknown, the gift needed to work for anyone!  I decided to make a tactile pillow with 1/26th of an alphabet lesson on it ;)
I had SO much fun creating the big and little E and sewing them on!  I think I may have to try something like that again in the future!  The pillow was made with some of my vintage polyester fabrics and was super-duper reinforced so Baby E can't tear it apart in the future! 
I left small hidden surprises to touch and feel like the edging of some ric-rac, the end of the fuzzy polyester and a pocket for the little E to live on.
I made three ric-rac tabs (also ridiculously enforced) to pull and bite on also allowing for mommy to hang up (and away from baby!) if she ever desires to.  I even thought that the little pocket could someday hold chompers for the tooth fairy :)
Is it perfect?  No.  Did I have a wonderful time making it for a special friend and her little human?  Hell yes :)


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