Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Like You, 2011

I've been thinking all week about 2011 and how amazing it's been to me.  In my head, I've written this comprehensive post rounding up everything I've done but in reality, the weather has been WAY too pretty for me to spend much time in front of the computer thus no grand end-of-the-year post has been written.  And I'm OK with that :)  It truly has been an unbelievably good year for us, one which I can't ignore so I'll attempt a round-up of those unforgettable highlights.
It was this time last year that I was gearing up to release Bifftastica to the world.  I was nervous but above all excited and you were more than welcoming to my crafty superhero persona! A few lines were released, most notably Verde Squared and my Apron Bags!  Ol Biff was seen at a few shows this year including WoodyFest, Blue Dome, Dustbowl, Indie Emporium and of course Alliday!  I taught some crafty business classes with friends and took some gigantic steps in my creative life, many of which you'll see results of in 2012.

And speaking of Alliday, it was amazing.  So much so that I'm still trying to process it all!  It is a HUGE highlight from my year that warrants its own post which will come soon :)

The mister and I ran away to the woods several times over the past year and are already planning our jaunts for next year.  We celebrated our third wedding anniversary, camped with friends (can't believe we only went camping once this year!), explored Robbers' Cave and spent many weekends in the woods with my family.

In addition to our weekend woodsy trips, I was able to run away to Chicago for Renegade and hop on a plane to visit my sister in LA!

This year I also completed my fourth year of teaching ESL.  Every semester I learn something new about myself and teaching.  Eh, who am I kidding, I learn something new every day!  :)  I don't talk too much about that aspect of my life on here but it is such an important part of who I am that it must be mentioned on my round-up.  I did, however, decide to document my teaching outfits this past semester which was challenging, fun and something that I'm toying with doing again.  Maybe ;)

I took in as much of Tulsa as I could.  The Drillers, Oktoberfest, Wild Brew, Fab Lab, The Flea Market, Tulsa Plus and The Pearl District were just some of the fun toys we played with in town.  I fall in love more with Tulsa every. single. year.

And how could I forget the day my girl became a star?

Looking back over just the things I have written about amaze me and then to think of all the moments I didn't write about well, they overwhelm me with all of their goodness.  It's been a hell of a great year and I'm honored it was so good to me.  To you, 2011, and to the future!


  1. You did have a very full year - and you neglected to document your exciting kickball career! I guess if I didn't have kids I could spend more time loving on Tulsa, but since I have them already I will just live vicariously through you!

  2. sounds like a great year! we are going to have to hang out together more in 2012. :)


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