Thursday, December 1, 2011

Making Traditions

I'm with the rest of you - I cannot believe December is already here!
 We had an absolutely fabulous Thanksgiving weekend which I desperately needed to snap me out of my funk.  We ran away to the in-laws' land in Okemah where we ate too much delicious food, imbibed some spirits, danced for hours in the kitchen and had an all-around perfect time.  
After a few days in the country, we returned to our mid-century, mid-town home and cleaned.  And cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.  With Alliday only SIXTEEN days away (!!) and my time dedicated to it, I knew the only chance for a true cleanup around the house and holiday decorating would be the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  So clean, organize and decorate we did.
 The bulk of our decorations reside in our sitting room which has been home to one of our large fish tanks, my great-granny's record player, my Mimi's old chairs, the mister's beer brewing goods and his musical toys.  We took on the grand task of relocating the tank into the living room (my poor back wasn't quite ready for that task) and now have more room to play around with rearranging...a favorite pastime of mine!  For now, the sitting room is a sit-and-admire-the-tree room.  We'll see what it becomes in January ;)
 Growing up, we never really had a tradition of when we put up the tree, just that we did it together but for the past few years in our own household, the mister and I seem to have started our own tradition of putting our decorations up Thanksgiving weekend.  Will it stick?  I have no idea but for now, I love our little tradition together :)

Do you have holiday traditions around your home, new or old? When do you think a tradition becomes a tradition?


  1. ha! i see your philbrook pin AND your spool ornaments on your tree!! tree looks great friend!!

  2. Awww. We do the same thing. When we got married, we started decorating for Christmas the weekend of Thanksgiving and 8 years later we still do it. I love having a time when we know there is something important that must take place so that nothing gets in the way. Of couse, with nearly 20 bins full of decorations it takes over a week to complete, but it's still nice. We usually pop a bottle of red wine or bubbly and eat leftover Thanksgiving appetizers to give us fuel, but since the kids, that isn't the main event as it once was!


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