Sunday, January 15, 2012

One of Those Outfits: An Unfit Cocktail Party

An old friend of ours recently completed law school and hosted a smashing cocktail party last night to celebrate!  It was the perfect way to end a perfect Saturday.
 There are three notable things about the photo above.  1)  The mister kept commenting on how I clashed in the sitting room while I think I matched quite perfectly!  2)  These photos were taken shortly after we arrived home from the party and in this picture you can see three animals vying for my attention which tres typical for us upon returning home.  Cracks me up.  3)  You'd never know that this dress didn't fit and isn't even zipped up in the back!
 I picked up this dress AND jacket for $1 at the Flea Market a few weeks back from one of my favorite vintage dealers.  I wasn't sure if it would fit or not but for a buck, I couldn't just leave it there, could I?  My fears were confirmed when I tried it on and couldn't zip it up past my waist.  Apparently my rib cage and ladies are much larger than those of  ladies past!  I didn't let that deter me from wanting to wear it though.  Once the coordinating jacket was thrown on over the dress, the fact that it wasn't zipped was hidden so I knew I could pull it off.  Or at least I hoped I could ;)
 I decided to do some gold and silver miss-matching which I've been doing often lately.  I wore a gold tennis bracelet I was given as a young girl, a vintage black enamel cuff bracelet and a silver Sarah Covington bird pin that I adore.  Finished the whole thing off with gifted white tights and vintage gold shoes snagged for $2, also seen here.
Not too shabby for a $3 outfit, eh?  Now I can pass this killer dress onto one of my tinier friends knowing I was able to take one unfit spin in it :)  


  1. Very cute and the color is great on you too.

  2. certainly worth 3 bucks- that vintage dress is so great, it does look like it fits you perfectly, nice job! I do that too w/ super thrift deals. Thanks for you sweet comment too, so glad to hear you enjoy my blog, thanks a lot!


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