Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Random Facts

I'm at home with an old-fashioned cold today.  I finally rousted myself out of bed to do a little schoolwork but quickly got sidetracked reading blogs.  I loved Stela's little Random Facts posts today so I thought I could muster a few minutes to share a few of my own before I head back to bed.
1.  This may sound strange but I can do crazy things with my tongue.  Ok, that sounded REALLY strange!  I can touch my nose with it, pick my nose with it (just for show ;), fold it, roll it, make three rolls (taught myself to do that one!) make some crazy noises with it and, drumroll please, I can swallow it.  Oddly enough, my sister AND my folks all have extraordinarily long tongues.  I often think it's what has helped me master strange pronunciations in other languages!

2.  My pinky fingers are crooked.  And I love it :)  They remind me of my Granny's pinky fingers.

3.  I love ferrets.  They are instant smile inducers.  I've had two (so far) who both ended up fighting cancer and were bald off and on throughout their lives.  You've never lived until you've seen a bald ferret playing!

4.  In my teens my family had racing pigeons.  When we would go on road trips, we'd load the pigeons in the back of the truck and would then release them from our destination.  It would take them just a few hours to travel what would have taken us a day.  I think pigeons are beautiful and I LOVE their coos.

5.  I can attribute most of my young traveling through the U.S. to antique cigarette lighter and flashlight shows throughout my youth.  In fact, my parents hosted the first ever antique flashlight show in the U.S. about fifteen years ago.

What's something random about you??


  1. These are great! I love that you had racing pigeons. Amazing!

  2. Noooo! Wait, how can you swallow your tongue? I'm not going to really think about it because it makes me freak out a little. A lot. OMG. I didn't know you could swallow your tongue and recover.


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