Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's a Girl To Do?

Something you should know about me is that I always have at least three projects I'm working on.  These can vary from events to creations or from home improvements to obsessive organization.  I get it from my folks.  They are the king and queen of projects.  One of their most recent ones is the purchase and revamping of a cute little mid-century, mid-town home not too far from our abode.  

One of the first steps for them was to find homes for random furniture and objects left behind by the former little ol' lady who lived there.  My dad mentioned coming across a box of old pamphlets left in the attic and, knowing how much I like to cut up old publications, asked if I'd like to have them.  I, of course, said I would take them and didn't think twice about it.  Finally, after some time had passed, I came into work to find a box FULL of what my dad originally thought were propaganda for doctors' offices.  
I began digging through and was immediately blown away.  There are almost 400 of these unique guys in pristine condition which is amazing since they lived in a box in an attic without a lid for at least 50 years.   They are all publications of Good Reading Rack Service and are from the mid-fifties.  The topics cover everything...and I mean EVERYTHING.  The graphics are absolutely unbelievable and the content is absolutely killer.  From what research I've found, there are some that live in a few museums around the country and I've found a few for sale online for a bit more than I was expecting!  Other than that, it seems that there's not much information on them.
So here's my pickle.  What do I do with them all???  
I have already scanned every single cover to save and am beginning to group them according to topic (see above:  obsessive organization) but what next?  Each of my family members is planning on pulling out some of their favorites, and I plan on framing my faves.  There is NO way I will cut these up!  I've been toying with starting a 365 day blog with them since the topics are so varied (and amusing), I can easily span them across a calendar year.  Then I'm thinking of selling them off at reasonable prices and donating some to a few museums with mid-century collections.  So I guess what I'm wondering from you is this - would you be interesting a 365 day project featuring these gems and/or would you be interesting in owning a few in the future?   

 Here are a few of my favorites that I snapped phone pictures of in the midst of my epic scanning spree.
Slightly awesome, right???  


  1. It sure would be interesting to see what kinds of topics there are and how views have changed in today's culture! So, go for it!

  2. These are so interesting and fun, what luck to find all these!!

  3. Oh wow, please do a 365 project! These are fantastic and I would love to see them all.

  4. What a find! I would definitely read a 365 blog on these just for curiosity sake! Love it!


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