Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Mini Honeymoon

Immediately following our wedding, we had a 1940s Bentley cruise us across the state to Bartlesville, just an hour away, to Frank Lloyd Wright's famous Price Tower.  We didn't have time or funds to jet off to a big fancy honeymoon so we opted to find somewhere close and unique that would allow us to unplug from the world for a few days.  We found it.
We did absolutely nothing fancy and after months of planning, that was perfect.  We did a bit of exploring and found Dewey, Oklahoma just up the highway.  Dewey is full of some great little antique shops that I continue to visit when I travel up north.  We found many fields that lacked any other signs of people.  We loved it.  We ate at local restaurants and found local parks to galavant in.  
The weather was stormy and overcast most of the trip allowing for some great naps to be had and great excuses to stay holed up in the amazing tower.
We were newlyweds and were soaking in that newfound title together.  We were disconnected from the busy world that we were so heavily connected to just days before.  Not having to answer a phone for two days was one of the best wedding presents I could have asked for.
Also during our stay, we took a guided tour of the Price Tower.  Did you know that it is Frank Lloyd Wright's only skyscraper?  Did you know there are daily tours?  Did you know that there are no right angles in the building?  Did you know that those elevators are incredibly difficult to fit into with luggage?  ;) 
A honeymoon doesn't have to be extravagant and pricey.  It doesn't have to rival anyone else's experience.  Just like your wedding, it should represent you and your partner.  And you should enjoy every minute of it.  We did.

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  1. I love your honeymoon and I totally agree that it can be anything and anywhere as long as you get away and relax. Hubby and I went there a few years ago for a getaway weekend and we had a blast. We visited all the outlet shops there rather than explore Dewey (but in my defense, one of my closest friends grew up there), but we loved the hotel. The fine dining restaurant there - not so much. I have never had such a salty meal in my life and it was only so-so, but the hotel was amazing and felt like going back in time. However, that elevator was a bit crazy!


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