Thursday, April 26, 2012

One of Those Outfits: 18 Weeks

Thank goodness I went on that shopping spree last weekend because suddenly, I have a bump!  Buttoning my pants is a thing of the past (with the exception of my gigantic, old-school boy scout pants) and new bras have tremendously helped my larger ladies (big sarcastic thanks to those of you who pointed that out ;) Things, they are a-changing!
The shirt came from a thrift store for $3 and is a brand new Coldwater Creek shirt that is a few sizes larger than I normally wear.  It's got a nice weight to it that should be nice to wear while I can this summer!  The skirt was actually some old late 70s polyester grandma pants that I picked up at that huge school garage sale on Saturday for $.50.  I just picked out the inseams, sewed everything up and shortened it to my desired length!  Although, looking at these photos, I just might shorten it a bit more.  The waistband is a bit larger which leads me to believe I'll be wearing this skirt for a while :)  The shoes are Toms from a few years ago and I randomly decided to Heidi-braid my hair.  It's all sorts of kinky today from it :)

And there's the famous bump!  I can still suck in and when I do, the mister jokes that I'll hurt the baby which makes me laugh :)  I doubt I'll be able to do that much longer though!  
Yesterday was a pret-ty exciting day for us!  We found out the gender of our baby!  I haven't had a feeling either way but EVERYONE, with the exception of the mister, has said that they KNEW it was a boy.  The night before our appointment, I actually had a dream (my first 'I have a baby dream') that it was a boy named Austin (where that name came from, I have no idea) so I guess from hearing it constantly, I was convinced it was a boy.  Plus, not going to lie, I really wanted a girl so I figured it would probably be a boy for that very reason!  Don't get me wrong, I would have been thrilled either way but I don't know how to make boy things! :)  So just a few minutes into our appointment, the technician said, "well, that's definitely....dramatic pause...A GIRL!!!"  I was absolutely SHOCKED!  Even teared up which shocked me even more!  We also found out that, based on her size, I'm a week further along than we thought which means that I'm starting my 19th week today.  I'm almost halfway done and almost five months along!  Unreal!  
So now we begin the journey of preparing for our baby GIRL!


  1. Ah, I didn't know you guys were expecting. Congratulations!

  2. First you got me with the bump, which is precious and made me say "Girl!" because you are carrying high. Then I skimmed the next paragraph and thought you were saying it was a boy, so when you said girl I was so excited. Plus, everyone I know who is pregnant now - which is a lot of people - are all having girls. Boys are awesome, but there is something about a daughter. I know this because I don't have one and dream of the one I will one day adopt to complete my clan. You are just glowing and I'm so excited for you!!!

  3. aaaaaaaaah oh my goodness I can't believe I missed this, that is so exciting and you look absolutely gorgeous and that little bump is so sweet!! And I'm right w/ you, I only have a brother and just really really want girls which also leads me to think I'll get only boys haha. your hair is great like that and glad you can find some cute thrifted items!


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