Monday, April 2, 2012

Three of Those Outfits: Brown All Around

I know, I'm a bit behind on sharing my outfits.  You're just DYING aren't you?  ;)  This semester is almost over!  Next week is it and to be honest, I'm ready for the break.  Granted, I'll be at my other job full time but my brain will get a bit of a vacation there.  
Gosh, I can barely recall what last week was like!  Monday was the first day back from Spring Break and boy was it a doozy.  I, unfortunately, had to deal with some plagiarism issues which happen from time to time in ESL.  Happens, but isn't my favorite thing to deal with.  
Luckily, I got to wear a super cute little vintage dress that was given to me by a dear fellow maker, Ashlee.  If I had seen this on the rack, I probably would have passed it over but after trying it on I was immediately sold!  She passed along some other gems to me that I can't wait to get some mileage on soon :)  I strapped on that old trusty $.25 garage sale belt and gave some knee high socks a whirl although you can barely tell I'm wearing them since they blend into my skin so much!  Walking through the hall at school that day, I heard a non-ESL student mutter that I had that 'weird school girl' thing going on.  I'm just going to take that as a compliment ;)  Finished it off with gifted booties.  I went back and forth over what shoes to wear with this and came to the conclusion that it's time to go shoe shopping.  Again.
I subbed for a Grammar class on Tuesday and Thursday last week so I managed to snap one of my subbing outfits.  The other will just have to remain a mystery.  
I wish I could remember where and when I picked these pants up.  All I know is that they are great go-tos  for any season and any reason.  I quickly threw on an old, comfy Gap tee, a Green Couch Designs necklace that I love and wear all of the time, a vintage yellow square scarf to adorn my neck and old Target flats.  
On Wednesday, I wore a sheer, vintage dress that I grabbed at an estate sale last year and chopped the dated sleeves off of.  I wore a white dress slip underneath, also from an estate sale, and a leather estate sale belt.  I would say that the most expensive thing in this outfit was probably the necklace I was wearing (which of course you can't see) that my mister bought me on our honeymoon.  
This week is a pretty busy one filled with meetings, appointments, end of semester celebrations, big news (coming soon!), blog launches (the 365 is up!), shop updates and more!  


  1. Okay, after seeing the news first, I have to say that you are skinnier here than you were before! I don't like you for that. I cannot even remotely tell you are almost out of your first trimester! But you look wonderful and I loe the first dress. I don't see it as school-girl at all, but maybe that's because Britney has ruined my image of that.

    1. Oh, you make me laugh! It's all an optical illusion! Trust me, there's a gut there! ;)


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