Monday, April 9, 2012

Two of Those Outfits: Palazzo Pants

I must say, it's nice to be 'out' with our news but then again, now every time I encounter someone, they immediately look to my stomach!  Talk about making a gal feel self-conscious ;)  I know weight gain is GOOD when you're expecting but for me, I'm still having a bit of a hard time embracing it.  Perhaps it's because I'm just beginning that awkward stage right now - where I don't really look pregnant, just that I'm starting to let myself go!  Maybe when I actually look it, I'll embrace that change more openly.  Has anyone else felt these feelings through their pregnancy experience?  Am I sharing the unspoken thoughts that most keep to themselves?  Or am I just crazy?  ;)
 Ok, enough about my gut, let's move onto the clothes!  

See that wet spot on my shirt?  We can thank the beast's wet nose for that :)
 The top came from that ridiculously fun swap last year, the palazzo pants from the great beyond and the sandals from Target if I remember correctly.
 On Wednesday, I pulled out another pair of cropped palazzo pants that have served me equally as well as the black ones above.  This pair is a tad large on me so I'm thinking they'll serve me well for a few more months...fingers crossed!  I *think* I picked up this pair in a boutique in Phoenix many years ago, the sweater came from Gap clearance, the scarf I've had for eons (and has literally travelled the world with me), the flats from Target and the necklace from Green Couch Designs.
Just like last week, this week is a crazy busy one.  It's the last week of the semester which means tests, speeches and grading out the waa-zoo.  Tomorrow I'm heading to Fab Lab's Symposium and will hear Dale Doughtery, the founder of Make Magazine speak!  I'd say this is kinda a big deal :)  This weekend I will head to Oklahoma City for a professional conference where I may be presenting.  Busy, busy!  

See you on the flip side!


  1. You're crazy girl, you look too thin to me. Put some weight on just stay away from chocolate manufactured pudding pies, danger, danger. Remember whatever you crave and eat the most of when you are pregnant your kid will love also. My kids now love grape soda and ice cream. When I was a kid in the 70's palazzo pants were all the rage. I thought they were called palzos. Love them then and love them now!

    1. You're way too kind! It's the oversized clothes ;)

      Gosh, then this kid is going to want root beer floats, spaghetti and cinammon raisin bread with peanut butter!

      I've always loved palazzo pants! Can't go wrong with them :)

  2. You are still so thin, but the thing with checking out your belly is just because it's so great to watch that new life grow! I know the feeling of being watched, but since you'll only get bigger you have to get used to it. Also, the weight gain thing will happen regardless of what you want. Just eat your healthy stuff and tell yourself that you have to feed baby. It's inevitable to gain weight while preggo, and as soon as you pop out you will stop worrying about a lot of that. You are growing life - it's amazing and it will be over before you know it, so enjoy it!

    1. Oh, I know a few months from now, these pounds will mean nothing! I'm sure I'll start to get used to it at some point ;)


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