Friday, July 6, 2012

Fuzzy Friday: Preparation

Before I even get this post a-going, let me say this:  I KNOW that having pets is nothing like having a baby!  BUT I also know that having pets has definitely prepared us/me in certain manners for what is to come.  In my world, it's the only thing I can relate to caring for another being.

The other day, Vera did her usual begging to be picked up and carried around and before I knew it, I'd been lugging her around for at least 30 minutes while tending to random things around the house.  She's been preparing me to do things one-armed for many years ;)  And after hauling her around, it got me a-thinkin'...
 Five years ago, the mister and I got the beast together.  I'd had one dog growing up and had very little part in acclimating her to our family.  She was my parents' dog.  The mister had had a slew of country farm dogs but they danced to a beat of a different drummer and made their own rules.  

We took the beast into our home at four months old, not knowing what to expect.  I'd barely even been around big dogs before and I spoke the language of cats.  Together, the mister and I researched and worked to raise a well-balanced, acclimated dog that we love dearly.  We made decisions together on how we would discipline him (if need be), if human foods would ever be a part of his diet, what commands and signals would be used for training, and in culmination, we decided what kind of dog we wanted to raise...together.  

I reflect on all of this because, while it may seem insignificant to some, together we raised and encouraged a being that we are proud of.  And, in my opinion, we did it well.  Like I said before, I know raising a child will be completely different but reflecting on ideas such as these gives me the confidence that this will be a challenge that together, we can also conquer.  And enjoy...together. 

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  1. I agree with you completely on this! Mitch and I have discussed this often. Yes, I realize raising a human being is a much larger commitment, but I swear our pets have taught us so much.


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