Monday, July 9, 2012

It's a Crewel Summer

See what I did there?  Get it?  :)

This past weekend I put these three crewel pieces that I picked up on our last road trip in an antique shop into bag form, finished off with various coordinating vintage fabrics and lined with bitchin' vintage sheets!  To see the backs and interiors of these bags, just click here.  

I also stitched up several more pillow covers all for The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival which is THIS weekend!  This year is starred because it would have been Woody's 100th birthday!  You may remember that this is the event where the mister and I met so it's a special little diddy for us, especially since our little lady will be in tow via my belly!  It's only an hour away from Tulsa and Oklahoma City AND it's FREE!  While there are several things that go on all day long, the main part of the festival is in the evenings when the sun has gone down and it's a perfect Oklahoma summer night.  I would LOVE to see you there.  
Perhaps I'll see you?


  1. Oh my, the one with the daisies wants to come live with me. This is such a fantastic idea! I hope you have a splendid time at Woody Fest and I hope the newest member of the family enjoys it as much as her parents do, because I'm sure she'll be making appearances out of the belly in future years too!

  2. There are so many festivals and fairs in OK I never heard of before! I'll have to try and check that one out. I love those bags.

  3. This are soooo cute. I love crewel artwork a lot.


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