Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wonderful, Wonderful Woody Fest

Ahhh, Woody Fest, you never fail to rejuvenate, impress and inspire.
Two weeks ago, the mister, the bump and I took our annual pilgrimage to the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in Okemah, OK to celebrate Woody and to celebrate our anniversary of meeting each other!  Without Woody, there would be no Us...or bump :)
Last year, we literally took hundreds of photos but this year, we just snapped a few with our phones and that was that.  Also last year I split the festival up into several different posts but this year, I'm just going to overload you with phone photos in this one post :)
Amazingly, the evenings were PERFECT weather-wise.  In fact, one night a quick storm blew through making the air cool for many!  Since this particular year would have been Woody's 100th birthday, the attendance of the festival was more than I'd ever seen.  Billy Bragg played Thursday night which brought people out of the woodwork.  From what I heard, the festival broke all sorts of records which is fantastic for them, then town of Okemah and vendors like us!  :)
The mister wasn't able to join me until Friday evening so I spent Thursday and Friday with my father-in-law and scooting around town by myself.  Every moment of it was fantastic.
Several of our friends came out to play throughout the weekend which just made me happier than happy!  These two ladies actually pulled a fast one on me by making up excuses as to why they wouldn't be able to come and then showed up Friday night, much to my delighted surprise!  
I wasn't sure how I would be feeling at that point in my pregnancy so my dear, old friends (who originally convinced me to attend my first Woody Fest) and I decided to get two booths and make a little store with all of our goods!  It worked out absolutely wonderfully and we had everything from clothes to birdhouses to face painting to switchplates to art to jewelry to photography....We were a one-stop-shop ;)
The night before the festival I decided to stay up late and make some bedsheet dresses.  I SO wish I'd had time to make more because they sold like hotcakes!  I love the ones that I've made for myself so I thought I'd give them a try for the show!  Now I know to amp up production on these in the future!  Toying with making a few more while I still have some free time to sell around town...
I was also pumped about how popular my pillow cases were!  I really need to unpack them and put the remaining ones in my shop now, including the one remaining crewel bag!!
 Another sweet little surprise for this year's festival was that the mister won a brand spankin' new acoustic/electric guitar!  A local bank sets up every year with a raffle for one of these guitars.  Last year, our booth mate won after years of entering the contest and this year, amazingly, the mister won!  :)
 I think we scored the best souvenir also - this Woody Bird House.  Our birds live in style!
The festival just gets better and better as do my experiences there.  It's amazing how this one event has changed my life so much.  Getting my feet dirty, talking to wayward cows and staying up way too late are just a few of my favorite things.  
Thank ya, Woody and Happy 100th to ya.


  1. Sounds like a blast, and I know the storm you are talking about. I was outside and within about 2 minutes the temp dropped at least 10 degrees. And then it was gone...

    I'm glad you were able to power through. You are one tough prego!

  2. ooooo man!!! i didn't know you were making bedsheet dresses!!! AHH tooo CUTE! I need one! And wish I'd had one when I was with bump! ;)


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