Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gettin' Showered

My friends kick ass.  Seriously.  I've had loads of support from them through my 'condition' (what I jokingly call my pregnancy ;) in addition to hand-me-downs, invaluable advice and just being there when I want to run away screaming ;)  

A few weeks ago, two groups of close friends felt like little Rio needed a little showering so two showers were had.  And they were awesome.  And I was beyond honored.
One of the greatest surprises of the weekend was walking into my first shower and seeing one of my dearest friends from high school who had flown in from Chicago just for the shower!  BLOWN AWAY!  It had been over a year since I had last seen her so you can imagine my elation :)  And her gifts, well they were EPIC....and slightly embarrassing :)
They organized a few games that did not involve touching my belly (per my request :), had Wacky Wednesday as the guest book (one of my faves), had super cute decorations (highlighted here...with a sneak peek of my maternity photos!) and showered us with some stellar gifts including some gifts that made me laugh until I cried!  They know me well :)  It was perfection.
The following day, my dear Make:Tulsa friends threw us a handmade baby shower!  I am constantly amazed at what this group can creatively throw together.  Upon entering, my first sight was this fruit baby which made me bust out one of my loud, surprising laughs!  SO funny!  I may have pigged out a bit at this shindig ;)
Not only were there handmade gifts that took my breath away but there were also crafts for us to do at the shower!  I LOVED it!  We all sat around the table, gave some bland baby clothes a bit more personality and gabbed for hours.  I can't express how much I enjoyed that afternoon with them :)  Oh!  And we decorated wooden letters that spell out her name for the nursery!  Even the mister digs them ;)
I'm quite blessed to have all of these people in my life.  They give me encouragement when I need it most, snap me back to reality when I'm loony and make me feel like the luckiest gal in the world.  Our little lady will be beyond lucky to know them, just as we are.  

So thanks, guys, for making us feel special :)


  1. The fact that everyone wants to throw/attend showers for you should be a testament to what an amazing, beloved person you are! I adore the photo of us all crafting together at your make:Tulsa shower. You perfectly captured the warm, crafty environment of that day!

  2. ahhh i'm sad i live soooo many hours away!!!! would have loved to have been there. :(
    looks like a GREAT time!!!


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