Friday, August 17, 2012

Her Name Is...

...Rio and she dances on the sand.  Remember that song?  It's a song that's is sung quite often in our house lately.  Why?  Well, it's the name we're giving our little lady!  

Ever since I can remember hearing that song, I have loved it.  It has always pumped me up and made me happy in ways I really can't explain.  I've always kept it in the back of my head, honestly thinking I'd use it as a name for a pet one of these days since babydom wasn't always on my radar!  When we found our we were expecting, we had nothing on the boy name front but this was number one on my list for a girl...and amazingly, the mister readily agreed so when we found out we were having a little lady, we knew she'd be Rio.  Rio Rae, that is.  Rae is my middle name, my mom's, my papa's and so on and so forth.  It's also the mister's grandpa's name so it just made sense.  
 So a little while after we found out the bump was Rio, we heard that Duran Duran was coming to town.  We were dead set on going.  That is until we saw the ticket prices.  We quickly abandoned those hopes until one night after listening to some of their tunes, I started to get mighty bummed about not going so I decided to see if my sister could use any of her connections to help us out.

Some emails were exchanged and before we knew it, we were ensured that we'd be at the show for free but just a few days before the show, we hadn't gotten a firm confirmation so I wasn't counting my eggs before they were hatched.  We decided to go on out to the show and if they didn't have tickets for us, then we'd gamble, get some grub and head home and if they did have tickets, well then we'd enjoy the show!  

We hit the will call desk a few hours before the show and there were no tickets.  They looked high and low for our names somewhere but nothing was found.  We told them our story and how we were connected to the band (which, when told, sounds like quite the tall tale!) but I suppose someone believed us.  They contacted production for the band while we stood aside and waited.  I really didn't think we'd be seeing any live music that night by that point.  Finally, a woman came back to us and said that production 'had no idea' about us but that they were just going to give us tickets and put us in a private suite for the show.  Uh, WHAT?!  We were floored.  We later heard that our connection (DD's bassist) had 'spaced' on our tickets until AFTER the show but apparently we didn't need his help that night!  

So with some time to kill before the show, we did a little gambling and I won a nice bit of cash!  When they finally opened the doors for the show, we headed up to our suite to be wined and dined all for FREE!  The food was fantastic and the dessert table, well, let's just say that I made a dent in that dessert table ;)  Drinks were complementary so I had them keep the water a-flowin'!  We had our own private waitress who was a doll and a half.  We were simply spoiled.  And the show, oh man, the show was amazing.  They seriously impressed us.  But get this - they played every single hit they ever had EXCEPT for Rio.  People were even chanting 'Rio' at the very end!  We were a bit bummed but have made up for it by continuously singing it ourselves :)
I have really had some unbelievable experiences in regards to luck and concerts.  Maybe one day I'll get around to sharing more of them.  This one sure ranks up there though, for so many reasons.  I can't wait to share this story with our Rio :)

So there you have it - our lady's name and a song to have stuck in your head for the rest of the day :)


  1. Oh my goodness! What a night! And what a story to tell your daughter one day. I love Rio. So unique!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a night! And what a story to tell your daughter one day. I love Rio. So unique!

  3. I love the name and I love how you got to see the band. My oldest sister saw them on the Reflex tour many moons ago and it is her favorite concert to this day.

  4. What a wonderful story you can share every year on Rio's birthday! I love how her name came about and especially the part that it makes you immediately happy when you hear it. It is such a sweet name and to be able to carry on your middle name is the perfect combination!!

    I've always had an obsession about names and fate, and had this far-fetched dream to write a book someday ... "It's All in a Name" . lol I have several coincidental names in my little family.


  5. I love the name and this story! Go girl! When are you due?

    1. In a little over five weeks! September 25th!

  6. oh I'd missed this post, dangit, it is too easy to do that I guess!! That is such a fun story and SO awesome you have a connection to the band and better yet that they believed it and let you in! And to a private suite!! maybe it was the pregnant belly haha. I hadn't heard this song before but it's def a fun one!


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