Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Maternity Photos

Last week, one of my dearest (dearest, dearest) friends, Dawn, gifted us a maternity photo shoot. We were super stoked to have her photograph us because, 1) she rocks 2) we knew we'd be comfortable with her 3) we probably wouldn't have done maternity photos otherwise and 4) now we'll always have these to cherish :) She dropped the photos off last night and I just can't quit going through them and smiling. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dawn!

Here are a few of our favorites.


  1. I love the shot with the shoes! So cute! These all turned out great! You make a very beautiful pregnant lady.

  2. Holy toledo these are so sweet!! Not sure which one I love best! Dawn Rocks!!

  3. Oh my goodness I love love love these!! I kept thinking one was my favorite ever until I saw the next. You are gorgeous & loved the sweet shot w/ hubs as well. your friend did a fantastic job and I'm so glad you got these memories forever.

  4. Those are fabulous. You are just glowing and look like such an inviting little family for Rio to come and make complete!


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