Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tulsa Etsy Craft Party

Last Friday night was our Tulsa Etsy Craft Party!  Basically, it's just a gathering of people who support handmade and who want to make things for an evening!  Etsy, of course, sponsors the event which is held all over the world on the same day.  You can see photos from various parties here and you can see photos from our party here!
Since I had just recorded the segment for Good Day Tulsa on how to make Vintage Map Magnets (which will air next Tuesday), I volunteered to man that table and teach folks the ropes!  From the moment the event started until well after the ending time, people were making goodies nonstop.  I had SUCH a good time helping folks with their magnets and loved seeing what images they chose to work with.  I made six of my own for our house and couldn't be happier with them :)
This event would not have been possible without the fantastic Holly.  She seriously worked her tail off on coming up with our crafts, organizing and publicizing the event, and having everything there for us to use!  Pictured with her below is the gal that even my grandma thinks I look related to, Somer. :)
I was situated right next to the photobooth which was entertaining to watch.  How cute and effective was the door as a prop?
It was a great way to spend the evening.  I always enjoy time I spend with my make:Tulsa friends though, party or no party :)

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