Monday, September 10, 2012

A Kanokla Speed Bump

For the past five years, Kansas and Oklahoma have joined together to bring us Kanokla, The 100 Mile Highway Sale.  Two years ago, I somehow heard about this sale so my dad and I decided to check it out.  (Throwback post from the old blog recapping that trip, along with the scores.)  Last year I couldn't hit the sale because I was busy working in Chicago and I didn't think I'd be able to go this year once I heard what my due date was but after visiting my doctor on Thursday, I got the green light to hit the road!  

My dad was my junking buddy again and we started as early as we could.  Again, we had a fantastic time, found some goods we couldn't live without (remind me to tell you about the costume designer cleaning out her stash!) and enjoyed time on the road together.  We went through the sales much faster than in the past so we decided to head back home that evening instead of breaking the trek up into two days as we had done before.  It was after we crossed back into Oklahoma that things went a little crazy...
 We were barely across the state line when the rains started, the sky turned black and the winds were so strong that we had a hard time staying on the road.  If you know me, you know that I do not fare well in crazy Oklahoma weather like that.  I tried to busy myself by finding radar on my phone and studying the road map to see how soon we'd be out of these storms.  I was also trying to avoid throwing myself into early, stress-induced labor!  It was after we passed through one intense cell that I basically forced my dad to pull over for ten minutes so we could hopefully avoid a much more serious looking cell up ahead.  (My dad will drive through anything.  I will not.) It was this 5-10 minute stop that potentially saved us.  The temperature dropped 20 degrees during our short stop, the winds got even crazier and things were very ominous.  Once we got back on the road, we soon found ourselves stopped on the highway along with several other travelers wondering what in the world had just passed through.  
 Power poles were snapped in half, power lines all over the road, semis were flipped over, roofs were torn apart and stuck in broken trees, and it truly looked like a tornado had occurred.  The weathermen are saying it was just straight line winds but being a born and bred Okie, I find it hard to believe it wasn't a tornado.  A quick glance to my right and I saw a home completely leveled.  We later discovered four people lost their lives in this quick, crazy storm.  I do consider us to be incredibly lucky.  You just never know in Oklahoma.  I truly believe pulling over for just a few minutes saved us from harm's way.
 We were stuck in one spot for an hour or so before we were able to turn around.  After driving a few miles back in the direction we came, we found that we were on a portion of the highway that had been shut down shortly after the storm.  Two hours later (with a ridiculously full and screaming bladder), we were back on the road stunned as to what we had barely missed.  A story to tell, I suppose.  An experience to remind you to be grateful for every day.
 I've always cherished these random road trips with my dad all of my life.  We've got the stories piling up from them; good, bad, exciting, sad, bizarre.....

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  1. Good Gracious Brianna! You've got a couple of pregnancy road trip stories for your baby girl.


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