Thursday, September 13, 2012

One Of Those Outfits: 38 Weeks & Superficial Reflections

 So this is it guys, she could seriously be here any day.  Things have been a-changin' so much so that there have been times that I think 'all systems are a-go' but alas, she's still baking.  It's still SO bizarre to me to think that there's a tiny little human inside of me that I will soon meet.  Surreal doesn't even begin to explain it.  Even though some weeks have felt like years at times, really this pregnancy has flown by.
 To be honest, I was pretty concerned about the weight gain associated with pregnancy.  I know it's superficial but it truly was an issue in my head.  I'm just shy of having gained 40 pounds throughout this which sounds absolutely crazy to me but I don't feel like I *look* like I've gained that much.  And I feel incredibly lucky to have just gained in my belly and ladies.  I haven't found one stretch mark and my belly button hasn't popped out which I'm SO glad about because for some reason, that tends to give me the heebies!  ;)  I haven't had any swelling issues although in the evenings, my right hand is pretty much useless due to numbness.  My biggest complaints are adding a million moles to my body which I could certainly do without and my grandma hips making me wish I had a wheelchair 75% of the day.  
 I cannot freaking wait to peruse the rest of my closet again.  With the weather starting to shift here in Oklahoma and with my belly a bit bigger, my wardrobe options are much more limited than they were before and my desire to start shifting into fall clothes is hard to suppress.  Again, superficial concerns ;)

I think we're as prepared as we could possibly be at this point.  I've been making myself (finally) take it easy in the evenings and have knocked off pretty much my entire to-do list.  The animals have had their pep talks, their bags packed and extra treats have been purchased.  I've been told my numerous people that I'm not allowed to call them unless I'm in labor so I wait, we all wait.
This dress is from a recent clothing swap I attended and is wrapped with a vintage shirt that belonged to my friend's grandma and has literally been around the world with me, just as that friend has :)  The necklace was brought back to me from South Africa from my dad and the shoes, well, my Birks have gotten lots of wear this summer :)

Any day now kids, any day...


  1. I agree that you don't look like you've gained 40. I guess maybe you just have a little bit all over in addition to the belly and "ladies". I'm so excited for you. Your world is getting ready to be so much different and wonderful and I'm thrilled for all you're going to experience. If you don't mind my asking, are you doing a hospital birth, natural, or a birthing center? I always said if I could do it again I would try a birthing center since I ended up having to do it natural anyway because epidurals don't work on me, but with my first one I would have been way too nervous to not be in a hospital. What are your feelings?

  2. you are so stinkin beautiful!! of course your to-do list is done and you are ready!! relax, relax, relax! soon, little Rio will be here!!!


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