Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Pregnancy Post Roundup

It's SO incredibly surreal to me that I was pregnant for most of this year, gave birth and now have a baby.  Going back through my old posts kinda makes it all seem real but just barely.  ;)  I'm mighty glad that I documented the process though and enjoyed going back through it all.  I took a little time to wrap up all of my pregnancy posts into one post, presented to you here :)

First off, the progression of the bump.  I can't even remember what it was like to have that big ol' bump now although I find myself sometimes with my hand on top of my belly like I would do when I was larger.  I'm also having to get used to not wearing my belts so high! 
I documented my spring semester outfits before I shared that I was pregnant which can all be found here.  It's REALLY bizarre for me to go back through those posts since I wasn't showing at that point and wasn't outwardly talking about being pregnant.

At 15 weeks along, I came out with our news
After that, I shared outfits and reflections randomly:   

Somewhere along there, we had maternity photos done, explained her name, had a crazy cook-a-thon to freeze meals (SO glad we did that!), were given some wonderful baby showers, set up a nursery that we're pretty proud of and finally, had our baby Rio and shared her natural birth story!
4 weeks old
She'll be seven weeks old on Monday and I can't get over how much she's already changed.  It's amazing to me that she was inside of me.  So strange.  We still can't figure out who she looks like.  She's a smiling machine and coos constantly, will sometimes sleep up to seven hours at night (!!) and has her mother's wacky fashion taste ;)  We're lucky to have her around and hopefully she'll feel the same way :)


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