Thursday, December 13, 2012


I thought I'd take a minute to reflect on yesterday since it seemed to be such a monumental day, at least according to Facebook posts ;)  I must say, when I heard it referred to as National Soundcheck Day, I had a good chuckle.  Anywho.  I thought I'd slow down my hustle and bustle for a minute this morning while the little lady is still sleeping and document the day.  Perhaps not the most interesting post but one more so for me :)

It was another news day for me, with two interviews lined up.  I got up a bit earlier than normal, got gussied, packed up the kid for grandma's and headed west while the sun rose for my first segment
 From there, I picked up some fast grub, got gas and headed to my next live segment, just an hour after the first one.  Of course I forgot my hairbrush that day so this wild mane was a bit untamed.  Sorry, Tulsa ;)
After that segment, I ran to return the goods I spotlighted on the shows to the stores that lent them to me; Made and Gleeful Peacock Mercantile.  I *may* have stopped into an estate sale after that.  Maybe.  A quick run into CVS for some randoms and back to my parents' house it was to stuff my face and grab Rio!  

After a short stop at my folks, Rio and I were on our way home where she did a little pigging out on her own and passed out for three hours.  When this kid sleeps, she sleeps!  I took full advantage of that nap to stuff 80 artists bags in our living room floor which was a huge thing to mark off of my list!

About an hour before she awoke, our doorbell rang immediately followed by banging on the door which, of course, set the beast into protect mode.  Ringing doorbell, banging, barking dog, sleeping baby.  I was flustered but the kid never peeped.  There is major construction going on down our street and apparently they hit a water main so it was a worker informing us we'd be without water for 24 hours.  Awesome. 

The mister was home shortly after that and Rio was back in awake-mode.  While he hung out with her, I was able to get some internet work done and ate a bit of dinner.  Then it was back to mom time.

A little while after that, I made a run to my parents' house for a short stop.  Why?  Remember, no water for 24 hours.  Some things require water.  Back home we had some family fun time in the nursery and then it was time to set up my workshop in bed while I fed Rio, watched some recorded shows and got the little lady to sleep where she slept 8.5 hours straight.  She's a rockstar.  I did a little more internet work and floor plan work and was out like a light myself.
So thanks 12/12/12, you were fun, surprising and memorable.  Too bad you didn't get our water turned back on.  Maybe 12/13/12 will be more helpful with that.

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  1. First off, I hate you juuuust a leeetle for making a baby that sleeps for 8.5 hours straight. Hell, my six year old doesn't even do that reliably! But mostly I love you, and I think that YOU are the rockstar! How you are managing to do a million things, make TV appearances, and pull together your amazing show while being mama to a tiny baby is awe inspiring. Best of luck this weekend!



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