Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - Year of the Baby (and more!)

I figured right now would be a good time to do something no one else on the internet is doing - a year in review post ;)  I had a nice time doing one last year and enjoyed going back and reading it recently so here goes another one!

Obviously, there was one overriding theme throughout our year that was a bit consuming...we had a baby!  I found out I was pregnant right at the beginning of the year, two days before this post actually and gave birth to Miss Rio Rae on October 1st who we're just enamored with.  She's such a good natured little lady and we're lucky to have her in our lives.  I wrote a big ol' roundup post about all things pregnancy related (maternity outfits, nursery, preparing...) on here so I'll refrain from doing it again. 

I know we're only three months into this whole parenthood thing but reflecting upon it so far I can say this - things have come much more naturally than I ever imagined and really, things have been much easier than I thought they would!  People put the fear of God out there regarding pregnancy, birth and having a newborn so we totally planned for worst case scenario for everything.  Maybe that was the key, prepare for the worst and everything will be just fine!  ;)  So far I've learned that planning ahead helps tremendously but at the same time, you have to flexible and to be ok if things don't go according to plan.  I've also learned that as frustrated or tired as you may be, those smiles and laughs make it all worth it.  Oh, and pacifier clips are priceless.

My animal children still hold an incredibly special place in my heart and I took some time to spotlight each of them:  Vera, Pimmy, Sammie and Mondo.  They're all pretty spectacular with their new human sister :)

Creatively I had a pretty successful year as well.  At least in my opinion I did ;)  I only set up at three shows this year but they were three three-day outdoor shows in the Oklahoma summer while pregnant so I'd say that's pretty impressive!  Those shows were Blue Dome, Vintage Market Days and Woody Fest.  I debuted my pillow coverings at two of those shows and quickly became addicted to making them.  Speaking of sewing, I accomplished my one and only 2012 goal - learn to sew from a pattern.  I made several maternity shirts, a maternity dress, lots of baby clothes (including a jacket that I'm working on right now that I LOVE) and made my first quilt for Rio!  I never thought I'd love sewing as much as I do but man, I'm addicted!

Also in the creative realm, I had some wonderful press coverage this year!  Most notably, there was a wonderful article in Tulsa People earlier this year that made me blush followed by another feature there in December for Alliday.  I did a few TV tutorials on behalf of Make Tulsa (a group that I LOVE) and most recently did several live spots promoting Alliday.  My maternity leave was filled with diapers, spit-up, breastfeeding and Alliday planning! 

I started my fifth year of teaching English as a Second Language and can't wait to get back to it next month!  I also joined two boards this year - OKTESOL as the Newsletter Editor and StreetCats.  I couldn't be more honored and excited to be a part of these two organizations that I care about deeply.  In addition to this, I continued to work in my parents' office and produced my third annual Alliday Show!  Busy, busy, busy!

The mister and I celebrated our fourth year of marriage which I celebrated by highlighting different aspects of our wedding.  When I asked him what stood out to him from this year, he pointed to Rio of course.  When I pressed a little more for something other than the obvious, he noted the Thunder going to the playoffs which made me laugh!  It was notable though and reminded me of all of the games we watched together while I had a big belly and an O'douls in my hand ;)  Aside from the crazy trip of welcoming a baby into this world together, we also took a few road trips this year with the Dallas and Bartlesville trips being the most memorable.  We're already planning some camping trips next year with a baby in tow!

I can only imagine what 2013 will bring.  Life with a baby will certainly make things unexpected and exciting.  I feel like I've grown more than I ever imagined I could this year and grew in ways I never expected. So thanks, 2012, for being the year our family expanded, for being the year that taught us we can do it, for being the year of growth.

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  1. You are so amazing, Briana! I wish I could successfully juggle half of what you pull off. Hoping 2013 is a good one for all of us!


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