Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tiny Sewing Projects

The two weeks leading up to going back to work were filled with cleaning, organizing and maniacal sewing. I guess I felt like I'd never have time to sew again once I went back to work! 

When I was about halfway through my pregnancy, I bought a Groupon for a book closeout website. One of the books I picked out was Handmade Beginnings, a sewing book involving all things baby (and mom!) that got pretty good reviews. I browsed through it and put it on the shelf once it arrived and there it sat until a few weeks ago. Then the day after Christmas I went buckwild tracing patterns and cutting fabrics! 

 So far I've made three projects from the book - Baby In The Hood Jacket, Cute As A Button Booties and Pretty As A Picture Dress. I'm absolutely MAD over the jacket and totally want a big person one for myself! I found the vintage fabrics for the jacket and shoes during my Kanokla trip.   The dress fabric was a birthday gift from the mister and is randomly the exact same fabric that covers the baby book my mom bought me!  I made everything a few months larger than she is right now so they will be seasonally appropriate so I've only tried the shoes on her...and they were adorable!

 I'm not sure which project I'll tackle next but I'm excited to do so when that time comes! I've also been dreaming up making another quilt with fabric scraps... :)

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of myself :)


  1. You should be proud. They are adorable!

  2. What a great job! You are quite the seamstress! I like the eerie bottle of doll feet behind the photos of the shoes too.

  3. Whoa, so cute! Love them all and those booties fabric looks familiar... I might have some too or I'm remembering it in my mom's stash.

  4. holy cow!!! are you going to open up an etsy shop?? all of these are so beautiful and look way more profesional and sturdy than any dress in 99% of baby stores nowadays. way to go!! awesome prints you chose too.


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