Sunday, February 3, 2013

Two of Those Outfits: Almost Colorless

My body is strange to me right now.  And that's a strange sentence to write.  I either grab clothes that are too big or too small but never just right.  Goldilocks? 

After I had Rio, I dropped almost all of my baby weight right off of the bat with the exception of ten stupid pounds.  I think most are in my ladies with maybe a few in my gut and I've hit the point where I'm ready to get rid of them.  My problem though is that the way I planned to lose that baby weight isn't an option now.  You see, when I was preggo, I didn't have any problems with my feet like most pregnant ladies.  No swelling, no weird shoe size issues, nothing.  Well, four months post pregnancy and my feet hurt me daily.  It's so strange!  My right heel gives me fits more times a day than I can count and my left foot has a painful issue all its own.  My goal was to run the St. Patrick's Day run again but I'm just physically unable to train right now and I'm mighty bummed about it! 

Anywho.  I'm having to get used to sore feet, a few extra pounds and a different body type for the time being.  My closets are all sorts of crazy right now ;)

I found this dress at the Flea Market a few weeks ago for a whopping dollar.  It was the back that sold me on it but it's just a tad too big so I think it will be heading to the bye-bye pile.  Speaking of, I'm toying with getting a booth at the Flea Market a few times this year to try and move some of my vintage clothes, scarves, belts and other random stuff.  For cheap.  What do you think?

The first full week of classes went well but I must admit, I'm exhausted!  (you can probably tell that by my writing this evening ;)  On top of teaching, working at the shop and raising that baby of ours (who isn't sleeping like she used to!), I've also been busy working with the cat shelter on their annual fundraiser event, being interviewed for the paper about our fuzzy family and am getting ready for some more live tv spots to promote the shelter.  Oh, and I started making a large quilt this week because, you know, that just make sense ;) 

I'm finding that I'm having to figure out what I'm going to wear the night before as the mornings are just too filled to fiddle with outfits.  It's often that I go to sleep thinking about what I can piece together.  I even do it with Rio's outfits.  My poor, poor brain.  That poor, poor baby.  ;)
This outfit was comfy (as was the striped dress) and easy to put together in my dreamlike state.  Clearance jeans from Target (with a gold sparkle to them!), made-by-me shirt, old booties and gifted H&M scarf.  Now onto figuring out what will go on this new body tomorrow...


  1. You look absolutely beautiful! Give yourself some time. Your body did (and is doing) a miraculous thing! I had lost all of the weight I gained with Ivy within 6 months. Now I'm working on losing my Ruby weight from 6 years ago. ;)

  2. love that dress on you but yikes, sore feet all the time? I that that was only wehn prego.& you look awesome to me, i'm sure the last little bits will come off easily.

  3. Baby weight is a tricky thing. I, like you, had lost almost all my weight the first time (except for about 13 pounds), but breastfeeding killed me and my metabolism and my thyroid too, I think. I was hungry constantly, and he would eat for at least 30 minutes each time and I felt like he was eating my core. After he was six months, the weight just krept up a bit at a time. Then I had the second one and it was just over for my body. I am just now - six years later - getting myself back together. I've dropped 60 pounds and still have work to do. You look gorgeous and happy and weight is just a reminder of all you've gone through the last year. You will be back to "normal" before you know it. As for the foot pain, I had that as soon as I tried working out after I had the boys. Mine is something akin to plantar fasciitis and it hurts so much. You may want to try some of the Dr. Scholl's insoles you can get at Target or Wal-Mart. There are a ton of different ones, but some are actually for that specific foot problem. I can almost guarantee that you will notice a difference when you start using them. There are the super-good ones you can get at the foot stores if these work well and you want the "real" thing, but $11 or $12 was worth more than enough for me to get rid of the constant pain in my feet.

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