Saturday, February 9, 2013

Two of Those Outfits: Navy, Peru and Thoughts on Outfit Blogging

I document my outfits and even I'll admit it's weird.  So why do I keep doing it?  I've been thinking about that question lots lately.  For two years now, I've shared most of my teaching outfits, maternity outfits and other random get-ups in between.  Strange, right?
There are a few reasons why I enjoy this process and why I've kept it up.  First, I obviously like clothes.  Somewhat to an obsessive state.  I also like being a bit different with my wardrobe.  From as far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to dress differently than those around me such as wearing nothing but broom skirts and hippie dresses for two years in high school STRAIGHT.  (In later years I learned that some people thought I was Pentecostal due to my long hair and constant dress wearing!) Sure I shop at big box stores here and there (in fact both of these outfits are retail) but I really get my kicks searching for clothing at estate sales where vintage, handmade and unique items are hiding in dark closets.  It's a compulsion.  Shopping that way saves us money, fulfills my treasure hunting needs and helps me to maintain that 'different' feeling that I seek.

So why do I photograph what I wear?  It's a challenge.  It encourages me to continue to be creative with my wardrobe and allows me to look back at a day that may have otherwise become a blurred memory.  Now with having a baby, finding time to tend to myself is even more scarce which makes dressing for myself even more of a challenge.  I welcome the challenge though and intend to not lose my weird self, no matter how busy with life, baby or work I may be.  Also, it keeps me healthy!  Through these photos I can easily see differences in my body which encourages me to keep things in check :)

So yeah.
Back to these outfits.  Last weekend the mister had some work on his car done so we packed up the stroller and headed to the mall.  I hadn't been to the mall in over a year!  We intended to just do some walking there but happened upon a Gap sale where I got this dress and a few tops on clearance.  The dress already paid off - not only did I wear it to teach in but I repeated the outfit and wore it again on the news to talk about My Furry Valentine, a fundraiser for StreetCats tomorrow.  The tights and booties were Target clearance items and the belt was a gift that my sister picked up in Peru a few years ago.  I left the belt off for the news :)
Also a Gap + Target + Peru ensemble was what I wore on Wednesday.  The necklace was one I used to wear in high school during those hippie days. 
The boots I bought from a former student whose mom recently arrived to visit from Peru for a few months.  With her she brought many accessories which my student posted on Facebook.  I jumped on these boots.  SO comfortable, different, handmade and awesome.  I'm in love with them.
My sister and her man come to visit next week and she'll get to put the title 'Auntie Afton' to use!  Excited to have her here and for these two important ladies to meet.  Until later!


  1. I love Mondo's face in the 2nd to last pic! Ha Ha! I have some tights for you - I think they might actually get used if you own them. ;)

  2. You are an inspiration to me. I don't just mean in regards to fashion either, although I have always adored your style. I don't usually do much fashion blogging because I don't really consider myself fashionable. But I do sometimes want to start doing outfit posts just to document my daily life so that maybe when I'm an old lady I can have something to look back on.

  3. oooh that belt is beautiful & those boots are amazing! def both items I'd wear in a heartbeat! i've been questioning why i take pics of my outfits as well & you make a good point about keeping healthy. i def have gained some weight since starting my grad porgram and continuing full time work but am not really taking action... maybe i should hang up some pictures of myself? but anyway girl you look AMAZING!!! you look exactly the same as pre preg days!


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