Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two Of Those Outfits: Patterned Polyesters

Whirlwind.  That's how I describe life right now.  These pictures are barely even a week old but it feels like forever ago! 

School is in full on 'school' mode.  Huh?  Well, I'm officially giving out grades and students are officially getting excited/flustered/inspired all at once.  It's a fun time but it's also a busy time!  In speech, I videotape alllllll of their presentations and discussions.  I do this for a few reasons.  For one, I think it's important to view themselves after a presentation to see how they can improve and to see what they did well.  In fact, we have them evaluate themselves in addition to our evaluations.  They hate it (as we all hate seeing and hearing ourselves on video) but ultimately, they learn tons from it!  I also record them so they can share their speeches with family and friends back home if they so desire.  I believe there's a large number of them that do :)  Finally, I record their work for grading purposes!  I go back and watch them allllll again and again so I can give them my best feedback and so I don't miss anything!  I love doing that but it sure takes up quite a bit of time, especially with thirteen students this semester!  I spent many a-nap times this week grading while watching group discussions.  Exhilarating ;)

For Monday, I wore a vintage dress that I picked up from a local shop a while back.  It had a number of holes in it so I got it for pennies.  The holes were a cinch to fix.  I totally won on that transaction.  I even wore this dress when I was moderately pregnant too :)  I'm not sure where the cardigan came from - Target clearance maybe?  The tights were a recent Target clearance purchase and the shoes are actually Birkenstock shoes that I bought in Germany almost eleven years ago.  They need a bit of polishing but they still rock in my book regardless.

Wednesday was a beautiful day which I chose to get a little vintage-y with as well.  I wore this jacket the first day of school recently.  It can be worn a number of different ways but I never take advantage of that so I gave it a whirl another way.  The pants have also been seen before.  I lurve them.  The polyester tank is one I have had for longer than I can remember.  I have no idea where I got it but I do know that it's literally been around the world with me!  The pattern is a psychedelic one complete with floating women's heads.  Slightly awesome.

This week was also a big week with Valentine's Day and my sister coming into town.  For V-day, we dined at home, recorded video of the kid laughing and just enjoyed kicking back.  Twas nice.  We spent much of Saturday with family as well as a good chunk of today. 

I did manage to find a *little* time to sew as well as play around with sprucing up this online space.  I needed a bit of a change.  I feel like I'm due for lots of change right now.  Best to start with the blog :)

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