Friday, March 8, 2013

Fuzzy Friday: Farewell, Pimmy

Pimmy passed away this past Tuesday.  
It feels like it was two seconds ago while at the same time feeling like it was two years ago.  

The Tuesday before, she took a dramatic turn for the worst and we knew it wouldn't be long.  That week was rough, raw and draining.  There were moments we almost took her in to end her condition but she never really seemed to be in any pain.  We did visit the vet once during the week for some fluids and were sent home with words of encouragement and support.  Our vet is dear to us.  We knew Pimmy was basically in hospice care at that point so we did what we could to keep her comfortable and showered with love.  

I awoke Tuesday morning to see Vera cuddling with the ailing Pimmy in one of their cat beds.  Vera knew.  I left for work that day feeling confident that if she passed while we were gone, Vera, Mondo and Sammie would be close by comforting her.  We have some beautifully heartwarming and heartbreaking images of Vera and Pimmy cuddling together that day.  I'll always cherish them.

Brent arrived home shortly before I did that afternoon and called to inform me that she didn't look good.  Her passage was starting.  I was home a few minutes later and joined Brent and the other animals on our bedroom floor with Rio.  With her entire family surrounding her, Pimmy took her last breaths ten minutes after I got home.  I like to think she was waiting for us all.  It was peaceful and heartbreaking all at the same time.  I'm so thankful we were all with her.

We buried her in our backyard that evening.
When you open your heart to an animal, you are opening yourself up to guaranteed heartbreak.  If only they could be with us forever.  I've been through my share of pet passings throughout my life and they always reteach me two things:  The impermanence of life and the power of unconditional love.  I value my animal relationships just as much as I do my human relationships.  They don't care if I stink that day, if I yelled at them an hour before or if I'm laughably broke.  They love us the same however we are.  It's an inspiring thing.  They are inspiring things.

I feel honored to have shared ten years of my life with such a spunky, beautiful, entertaining and loving creature.  I'm beyond grateful that her and Rio once knew each other.  She was an animal who her left a mark on you, often both literally and figuratively.  I miss her more than I can express.  One day it won't be so painful but for now, I'll shed my tears, relive crazy Pimmy stories and squeeze our other animals extra tight.

I love you my little Timmy Too.  I'll never stop singing Christmas Carols filled only with your name.


  1. I'm sorry for your loss. This was a beautiful tribute to her. I'm glad she was surrounded with love at the end. <3

  2. That was beautifully written and the picture is wonderful.


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