Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm Ready, Spring

Ahh Spring.  I love and hate you.  I love the warmer weather, I love the rejuvenation that you bring.  I hate the allergies and I loathe the scary spring storms in our neck of the woods.  This year though, I'm going to try and focus on what I love about you because I need your rejuvenation.  I need more sunlight and warmth and flowers and life and garden time and walks and camping and so much more.
I haven't been as active here lately because I've just needed some space from this space, I guess.  Mid-February my sister visited, shortly after that Pimmy fell very ill and we lost her a week later.  I was busy with family, being a fuzzy nurse, mourning, not to mention all of my other five million other things and groups I'm obligated to do.  When my downtime came, when I usually blog, I cut and sewed (LOTS), watched Sons of Anarchy and just thought.  Or didn't think.  I needed it.

I feel like I'm emerging from this cloudy funk though with help of the new season.  I'm ready to spend more days outside with the kid.  I'm ready to tackle craft shows with gusto.  I'm ready to rock the rest of the semester.  I'm ready to run to the woods.  I'm ready to grow.  I'm ready, Spring.

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