Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Story of Us

Meeting Brent was the epitome of all of those lovey dovey cliches that you hear and hate.  You'll know it when you find it.  You'll find love when you least expect it.  Blah, blah, blah.
I had never been to The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival before but I was finally convinced last minute to meet up with some of my OKC friends and to bring along some jewelry to throw in a booth to sell.  I threw a tiny tent in my trunk, a few things to eat and drink in an ice chest and some random clothes in a bag and hit the road.  Folk music wasn't (and still really isn't) what I first go to when I want to listen to tunes but out there, it was just what I needed, especially with all that was swimming around in my head with my ailing Granny and such.  I was in NO WAY looking to meet anybody, let alone THAT somebody.  I found my friends and prepared myself for a rejuvenating weekend away from everything I was familiar with.

Meanwhile, Brent traveled to his hometown where the festival was being held (and still is) from OKC.  He had left Okemah for a number of reasons but one of which is because he never thought he'd meet a decent gal there.  Still makes me smile that we met in his home town.  We had a few mutual friends but had never met before to our knowledge.

I remember joining friends on a blanket in the middle of the audience out in the Pastures of Plenty and turning around so my friend could introduce me to the cast of characters sitting in chairs behind me.  One of those characters was Brent.  Time passed and the music for the evening ended.  Myself, a few friends, my booth mates and THAT guy hung out in the Pastures after everything had shut down.  We sat around and had some drinks while THAT guy played guitar, others sang and a few of us did some cartwheels in the middle of a huge open field in the dark.  It was a perfect night.  After a little while, we all said our goodbyes and everyone went on their own ways.  I crawled into my tiny tent and fell asleep thinking about how happy I was that I made the drive out.

We spent much of the next day hanging out at the now-closed-down Grape Ranch Winery.  I was happy to see THAT guy and his friend walk up a little while after we got there.  I remember I had ordered some potato salad from a vendor but didn't finish it all and was bummed that I had no way to store it and would be wasting good food.  Good ol' Brent offered me some of his cooler space for my salad.  So accommodating ;)  It was at this winery on that toasty afternoon that the first ever photo of us was taken.  He is furthest in the back with me, hard to miss in my strange ensemble, in the front.
After that wonderful weekend, we all went back to the real world and Brent and I found each other easily on Myspace.  Remember that cutting edge website?  I sent him a message to thank him for saving my potato salad (which I never remembered to get!) and from there, we never missed a day of communication through email, texting or calling.  That first month's phone bill I got was INSANE.  My plan was quickly changed after that :)  I was pretty smitten.
We would take turns traveling from OKC to Tulsa for the weekends but, I will admit, he came to Tulsa WAY more than I ever went to visit him.  Two months after meeting him, I took him to meet my parents.  My parents had never met anyone I had dated, and really had never even known when I was dating anybody!  I was very private about that with my family for some reason.  He met my parents on my 27th birthday.  That same day was the first time we uttered those priceless three words, too. 

After a short while, we decided that this traveling back and forth business was getting old and not seeing each other every day was getting even older.  We wanted to live in the same city.  One of us had to move.  I was in the middle of my Masters degree, he was in a band he loved and we both had good full time jobs.  It was no easy decision.  He decided to move here and we decided to buy a house together.  Yeah, we'd never even lived in the same city together, had only known each other five months and we decided to buy a house together.  We would look for houses on the weekends and I would look some on weeknights until one night I came across the house I write this from and I fell in love. 
We closed on the house January 24, 2007 but he didn't move here until February 24th.  On the weekends he'd come up and we'd work our tails off cleaning, updating and making this house livable.  I slept on an air mattress on the living room floor for that first month.  I remember driving down the road coming home that day he moved in and seeing that moving van in the driveway.  It was so scary and so, so exciting.  I remember hoping that we'd made a good decision.  We had.
Three months later, The Beast came into our lives.  Three months after that, he proposed.  Six months later, we married on March 29, 2008.  Four and a half years later, we welcomed Rio into our world.

Tomorrow we celebrate our five year wedding anniversary.  It's been a trip.  A wonderful, emotional, hilarious, scary, exciting, glorious trip.  I love my partner in crime.  Everything about him.  Even the gross and annoying stuff ;) 


  1. Ahhh!! So cute! Okay, I love your green glasses!

  2. Love this and so proud and happy for both of you!!!!!

    Love you!


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