Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Honoring Creativity in Ourselves

When I was pregnant, I had lots of people tell me that I wouldn't have time for this or that and I wouldn't be interested in the same things anymore.  I don't think anybody said any of these things to be mean but it really got to me.  I WAS scared to lose myself and comments like those didn't help those fears.  I've always been a very busy person with lots of irons in the fire and I knew that having a child would probably affect my interests and productivity somehow but I wasn't sure exactly how.  

Six months in and I'm happy to report that I haven't lost my drive to create.  If anything it's been rejuvenated and more focused.  I don't have time now to just piddle with a project and not finish it for months but rather, I have to know what I'm going to do before I do it.  I have to maximize each moment.  I'm sure things will change again in the future once she gets more mobile but for now, I'm still feeding the desire to make and do.  And I'm honoring it, the best I can.
So how do I do it?  I manage my time like a nutjob.  My sewing machine wakes Rio up which sucks for everyone so I cut, pin, plan and organize while she sleeps.  The mister and I swap days after work to be on 'baby duty' so one of us can do our loud, non-baby friendly (for now) work.  Sewing and cooking for me, gardening and wood working for him.  I feel very fortunate to have a partner that also honors my desires to create.
I feel like it's incredibly important to continue to do what makes Brent and I happy be it sewing, gardening, playing music, hitting estate sales, hanging out with friends, WHATEVER so that we give Rio complete, happy parents.  She certainly comes first, don't get me wrong, but we are also making efforts to not forget and ignore ourselves.  It's not easy but it's also not hard.  I'd like to think she'll thank us for it in the long run.
Lately, I've had about five different things going on at once in my workspace.  A few weeks ago, Tiny Matchbox Studio gifted me TONS of fabric.  Tons of awesome fabric, that is.  This spawned an insane clean out/organize/purge fabric fest for me.  As I went through every scrap of fabric I had, I would cut out patterns for tankspillows and whatever else I'm getting ready for our Blue Dome booth.  These photos were taken in the midst of that craziness.  Things are looking much better in there now :)


  1. I COMPLETELY agree!!! I had my baby boy over 7 months ago and I've realized that I've only become more passionate about creating and more driven. My time is spent more intentionally and I work so much smarter than I ever did before. I feel like I have a renewed clarity of who I am and what I want to pursue. I didn't lose me when I had a baby, I FOUND me. I feel like its SO important to teach our children that they can do/be whatever they want and the best way is by example! Your Rio is so cute!

  2. Good for you! So many parents think that when they have kids they can't do for themselves anymore, and that is sad. Happy parents make for happy kids, and I don't believe that any child benefits from being the center of the universe. Being the center of our hearts is a completely different thing! I always listen to others with a grain of salt since so much of what I was told when pregnant never came to fruition (Example: "The baby weight will just FALL off of you when you nurse, so don't worry about how much you gain!" Lie.)

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