Monday, April 8, 2013

One of Those Outfits: Building a Winner

I've not been putting any pressure on myself to do any outfit photos lately but today, I liked what I pieced together thus I felt like documenting my garb and my process for putting together an outfit. It started with just one piece.

I've been weeding out clothes in my closet(s) like a madwoman lately. Spring cleaning? Maybe. I rushed past this shirt this past weekend and realized I hadn't worn it in almost two years. That sounds like a while but considering I was preggo most of last year, lots of my wardrobe sat untouched for longer than normal. When I went to bed last night, I quickly went over a possible outfit in my head involving this shirt but nothing definitive popped into my noggin. I was determined to wear it though.

After I got the kiddo ready this morning and while she was hanging out in her crib with her feline BFF Vera, I tried the shirt on for the first time in a long time. It fit but I had forgotten how short it was so I knew it wouldn't work with pants. I figured it could work over a dress if I could find the perfect one so on the hunt I went but it also had to be a dress I could nurse in. Story of my life. I took a gander in the skirt section after coming up empty handed in my dress department and was quickly drawn to this color. I bought THREE of these dress/skirt pieces last year when I was just starting to show and, in the year I've had them, they have proven to be ridiculously smart purchases. I shot an arrow and threw an axe in this particular one last year. :)

I tried the dress on with the shirt and loved the combo but felt like it needed a little more shaping so I threw on this belt. Winner! I already knew that my beloved Birkenstocks (that I also lived in while pregnant...and for the past twenty years ;) would work for this ensemble too so I quickly slipped those on as the kid was starting to get a little bored waiting on me. (I suppose I should mention that I did all of this in warp speed since I have the little one with little patience waiting on me.) I had an idea to wear some brown studs in my ears but once I got to earring central, I decided to toss on these earrings that the mister got me for our anny last week. I wet my hair down a little since I had some kickin' bedhead, floofed it around and put on my holy trinity of makeup: black eyeliner, black mascara and chapstick. The kid and I checked the temperature outside and I decided that we both needed a light jacket which proved to be a smart move due to the light drizzle that accompanied most of the day.

There's something about those outfits that just make you feel good; that make you feel like you. To me, this one was colorful, somewhat creative, a perfect mix of old and new, a happy accident and just something that made me enjoy the day that much more. Perhaps it seems superficial to some but to me, the way I adorn myself reflects how I feel about myself and my world at a specific time. Today I felt rejuvenated (thank you sleeping baby!), happy, blessed, creative, accomplished, loved and connected to myself.

Fascinating?  Probably not but that's pretty much how I put together what I'm going to wear.  Start with one piece and build on it.

In other news, I like getting dressed :)

Shirt -  Vintage, Flea Market / Dress - Sports Authority Clearance last year / Belt - oldie from beyond / Shoes - Birkenstock / Earrings - Favoring Brave (Similar) / Jacket - Vintage, Estate Sale


  1. You look great in these colors! Now all I need is for you to come plan my outfit for today... ;-)


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