Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vintage Cart Revamp

The amount of random projects that we are busting out around the house lately is astounding!  Our latest thing to knock off the list was to give this cart new life.  Take a gander.  Yeah, I know.
When I was 16, I bought this cart at a church garage sale for $3.  Let's do a little math here...that was almost TWENTY years ago.  Two thoughts come to mind - 1)  I'm aging faster than I realized and 2)  I was way ahead of this vintage chic craze!  ;)  
After somehow fitting the cart into the backseat of my two-door Cavalier, the cart actually lived in my sister's room until I came home from college.  It was missing a bolt so she put a broken pencil in to hold the shelf up which remained there for oh, about 12 years!  Ha!  When I moved back to Tulsa and found my basement apartment, I reclaimed the cart as my microwave stand which was its job for many years.  Once the mister and I moved into our current house six years ago, the cart found a new home in the shed.  Not ideal but there was really no place for it in the house but there was NO way I was getting rid of it.  
Fast forward to a few months ago.  I had been thinking about the cart for a while and had always wanted to fix it up when I decided that it was time to make it happen.  Something you should know about me is that when I decide to do something, I want to do it NOW.  So I started prodding Brent about pulling it out of the shed so I could assess its situation and get started on the rehab but he was a bit reluctant.  Little did I know, it was in much worse shape than when it went in there due to a little (lots) of gasoline spillage, rust and outdoor wear and tear.  I was a little (lots) shocked by its state when I finally saw it.  
So what did we do?  Well, I should first say that I did nothing but pick out paints and bark orders :)  Oh, and I painted the bottoms of the shelves!  Brent first cleaned it like the dickens.  Then he figured out how to take the whole thing apart and we decided on colors.  I initially wanted to paint some white diamonds across the top and we worked on that layout but I later decided against it.  A few coats of spray paint here and there (Rustoleum paints are my favorite for metal.  This green shade is Green Apple) and some sanding in between, new bolts (no pencil bolt anymore!) and cleaned up casters that still worked and this puppy was as good as new!
Funny thing is, we still have nowhere in the house for it!  Ha!  I do think though that I will be using it at shows for displays and/or a checkout area!  It'll be great for unloading stuff onto and rolling to booths and can be used as storage in the garage between shows.  That is until one day we're in a bigger house and it can actually live inside with the rest of us :)  

I think about how much I've been seeing these carts sell for lately and, even with the costs of fixing this one up, we've invested less in this than the beat up ones are selling for now!  See, it pays to hang on to things for twenty years...says the organized hoarder.

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