Monday, June 10, 2013

Busy Hands

This week, I'm finishing up FIVE custom orders.  For me, that's quite a lot at once!  I'm certainly not complaining by any means though! :)  

It seems like I sometimes fail in remembering to document these more random projects on the ol' blog so here's an effort to do so in one fell swoop!  Some projects can't be shown though due to being in progress or impending birthdays so here are just a few!
 The two little dresses above are for a baby-to-be in Colorado next month!  I used this pattern for the dress and this for the uh-dorable diaper cover!  Pret-ty sure I'll be whipping up a few more of these for Miss. Rio. What I love about them is that they are reversible and once they are too short to be a dress, they can be worn as a tunic over pants!  Cutest thing ever?  Maybe.
 Right around Valentine's Day, Rio begged me to make her next-door neighbor boyfriend a little something to show her love so I whipped up a little baby bow tie out of some scraps!  Um, I take back what I said before.  THIS may have been the cutest thing ever.  EVER.  Especially once I saw the handsome guy in it!  No wonder Rio has a crush!  ;)
 In the middle of my sewing fest of tanks, tops and pillow covers for Blue Dome, I decided I needed a new wallet, I needed it NOW and that I needed to make it.  I know, I don't understand my brain sometimes either.  Right about that time that I made these decisions, I ran into Owl and Drum (I could spend hours and LOTS of dollars there) for a fabric sale and found a pattern for a wallet!  Fate!  There were LOTS of pieces but once I made sense of it all, it was super easy and surprisingly fast to put together.  I freaking LOVE it.  I recently finished up a second one for my sister that I'll send to her one of these days :)   
 Finally (I think finally, at least!), I've been working on some wedding jewelry for a friend!  Yup, I still make jewelry, believe it or not!  I've really only been doing custom jewelry projects and repairs lately but I'll always be a jewelry maker first :)  

So with all of that out of the way, I've started making Rio a few dresses out of some of my old beloved tanks; have started thinking about a BIG refashion out of one of my old high school dresses that I LOVED; and have started playing around with my serger!  HOLY TOLEDO.  I am in LOVE with my serger.  AND it doesn't wake the kid like my sewing machine does!  I may never sleep again....


  1. omg those dresses may be the cutest thing I've ever seen! and wow, they look super study and well made- you are awesome! you should DEF put these as samples on your Etsy shop- i think that'd be a huge hit! and was the last dress one you made Rio out of your old clothing?
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  2. Those cute baby girl dresses at the top are simply adorable. They look so easy to wear AND reversible. Very clever. It's so fun to dress our little girls in cute baby girl outfits.


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