Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One of Those Outfits: The Great Clothes Purge

This past weekend, we participated in our annual neighborhood garage sale, mainly selling clothes.  I have recently purged TONS of my vintage clothes stash and am working on finding them all new homes!  In fact, I have confirmed today that I'll be selling up at the Flea Market this Saturday to try and move the rest of the pieces.  I will say, there are some gems in there!
Anywho, after the garage sale, Brent and I both completely emptied out our closets from top to bottom so he could install closet lights!  You think you love someone and then they go and put a light in your closet.  Deal, sealed.  ;)  While he worked on the lights, I went through every. single. item. of clothing that I have and purged like I've never purged before.  Too bad we didn't do this BEFORE the garage sale!  So not only do I have a well-lit closet now, I have one where hangers actually move around on the rod!  Amazing!
This week I've been wearing things that I haven't worn in for-evah in an effort to see if I REALLY need them still and also because I'm seeing old pieces in a new light!  Maybe I should do this clothes purge thing more than every five years.  Hmmmmm.
This yellow vest I actually made several years ago when I first was getting familiar with my sewing machine and to be honest, I'm not sure I've ever worn it!  It was once a table cloth, actually, that I bought to use as just that but it had a HUGE stain on it that wouldn't come out so I got to chopping.  I made a wrap skirt out of most of it and then quickly made this jacket out of the scraps.  I also made a little scarf out of the remaining scraps of the scraps.  :)  I'm so glad I rediscovered this!

The dress was one of the very few maternity pieces I picked up last year.  It's SUPER long to accommodate big bellies so without that, I do a bit of tripping over it but I manage :)  I just love the color of it and the layering options!  You can see it with a bump at 35 weeks along here.
And in my typical matchy, matchy fashion, I had to dress the kiddo in a coordinating outfit.  I sure hope she doesn't hate me for this when she's older!  :)
(Bonus Cuteness:  While I took solo photos, Rio and Mondo hung out in the grass together.  The second I sat her down, he sat right next to her and did a little rolling around.  Adorbs, yes?)

Dress - Target Maternity '12 / Vest - Self Made from a Tablecloth / Belt - Estate Sale / Earrings - Busted Trumpet

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  1. can you hem up the dress a tad now? you look AMAZING in it! super flattering on you & I love that you made that cardi out of a tablecloth, so clever! the yellow looks great w/ blue and Rio's little dress is just darling too. I also always swoon over the giant pup w/ her, don't worry : )
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