Monday, July 29, 2013

Tiny Refashions

This past weekend I was able to knock out a few random projects that I'd been working on in my head for weeks now!  Two of the projects involved formerly loved articles of clothing that were ripped beyond repair.  I figured that somehow I could rework them to make some clothes for Rio and I was thrilled to make that dream come to life!

The first project involved some of my favorite pajama pants that were a Christmas gift years ago.  I wore the crap out of them and repaired many seam rips but then rips started happening that I couldn't fix so I knew they had to come out of my closet.  I LOVED the pattern on them so I just started cutting and holding my tongue out just right (that's my secret weapon when it comes to sewing clothes ;) and busted out this little dress!  It's SO cute on her!  I still have a good amount more left of the pants so last night, I started a little pair of matching bloomers that I hope to finish this week, as time allows.  I'm toying with making something out of the waistband for her too but I'm not sure what just yet.

The second dress came from a shirt that was my mom's that she absolutely loved.  It also fell victim to one of those irreparable rips so she passed it along to me because she thought I may be able to do something with it.  Well, a dress for Rio it became!  You can see in the before photo how I cut out the bodice out of the top of the sleeves.  I used that V as my neck centerpiece, gathered the bottom of the shirt as the skirt of the dress and finished the sleeves with some turquoise bias tape.  It's a hair big but that means it will last for a while!  And that doesn't stop us from putting it on her - she's wearing it today!  :)

Yes, they're just clothes but they came from previously loved clothes from people who love her dearly so that makes them super special clothes, right?  :)

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  1. I love those! Makes it a lot easier to part with some well-loved pieces :)


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